Month: June 2018

Summer Reading

I’ve wandered across a number of book bloggers this last week all posting lists of their (hoped for) summer reads. And, as of last night, I now know I’ll be off for the entire month of July. With this knowledge in hand, I began wondering whether I would set aside time to read, and if so, what books I might like to buy. Given my ‘Wish-lists’ on both Amazon and Chapters-Indigo (the Canadian version of Amazon) are always and ever growing, I am at no loss for choice. So here are the titles that peeked my interest, 10 very eclectic books:

Mistress of my Fate, by Hallie Rubenhold (DNF)

DETAILS Title: MISTRESS OF MY FATE Author: Hallie Rubenhold Publisher: Grand Central Publishing ISBN: 978-1455511808 Genre: Historical BACKCOVER BLURB Set during a period of revolution and turmoil, Mistress of My Fate is the first book in a trilogy about Henrietta Lightfoot, a young woman who was abandoned as a baby and raised alongside her cousins, noble children of a lord and lady. At just sixteen years old, circumstance and a passionate love affair tear Henrietta away from everything she knows, leading to a new life fending for herself on the streets of 18th century London as a courtesan, gambler, and spirited intellect of the city. WHAT I THOUGHT Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! This is not, and I repeat NOT my kind of book. So, how did I come by a historical novel with the absolutely gorgeous cover? A gift. A birthday gift from—well, I think it was given to me either in 2011 or maybe 2012. And, at the time, I did scratch my head wondering how it was someone thought I might like to …

The Bottoms, by Joe R. Lansdale

DETAILS Title: THE BOTTOMS Author: Joe R. Lansdale Publisher: Vintage Crime ISBN: 9780307475268 Genre: Crime Fiction BACKCOVER BLURB It’s 1933 in East Texas and the Depression lingers in the air like a slow moving storm. When a young Harry Collins and his little sister stumble across the body of a black woman who has been savagely mutilated and left to die in the bottoms of the Sabine River, their small town of Marvel Creek is instantly charged with tension. When a second body turns up, this time of a white woman, there is little Harry can do from stopping his Klan neighbours from lynching an innocent black man. Together with his younger sister, Harry sets out to discover who the real killer is, and to do so they will search for a truth that resides far deeper than any river or skin colour. WHAT I THOUGHT The Bottoms should be a poignant coming of age story about 11 year-old Harry Collins and his 9 year-old sister, Tom (Thomasina) as narrated by Harry. Sadly though, it …