Month: February 2019

New Arrivals!

Oh how I love getting parcels through the post from my favourite online bookseller: Indigo/Chapters. The three books I ordered have arrived, and I now have a great slate of titles to read and review, in March. The new arrivals are all installments of various serials. The Liar is the one Steve Cavanagh I haven’t read, other than his soon to be released, Twisted! I’ve been watching two drama shows on TV, The Coroner on CBC, which is inspired by the Jenny Cooper series by Matthew Hall, hence wanting to read the books. And Cardinal, which is inspired by Giles Blunt’s series. I can’t wait for someone to do a show of Cavanagh’s Eddie Flynn series. THE LIAR by Steve Cavanagh [Eddie Flynn #3] A LIFE TO KILL by Matthew Hall [Jenny Cooper #7] FORTY WORDS FOR SORROW by Giles Blunt [John Cardinal #1] I also started reading Shell Game, the latest V. I. Warshawski novel by Sara Paretsky this week and, all being well, should finish that one later today. Which means, of course, I should …

Book Review: The Incendium Plot

DETAILS Title: THE INCENDIUM PLOT Author: A.D. Swanston Publisher: Corgi ISBN: 9780552172387 Genre: Historical Fiction BACK COVER BLURB Summer, 1572 and England is vulnerable. Fear of plague and insurrection taint the air, and heresy, fanaticism and religious unrest seethe beneath the surface of society. Rumour and mistrust lead to imprisonment, torture and sometimes murder. To the young lawyer Christopher Radcliff and his patron and employer, Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, the prospects for peace are grave—and as Leicester’s chief intelligencer, he is charged with investigating both the rumours of rebellion at home and invasion from abroad. But Radcliff’s own life is far from orderly. His relationship with the widow Katherine Allingham is somewhat turbulent and the cut-throat world of court politics leaves no room for indiscretions. WHAT I THOUGHT THE INCENDIUM PLOT is, no doubt, the first in a new series by British author, Andrew Swanston, who sets his novels in some of the most intriguing moments, in British history. Here his MC, Christopher Radcliffe, carries the weight of the story set amid the turbulent …

A World of Make Believe

I hope you will join me over on the Wrywriter website to read some of my short and serialised free fiction. And find out about another side of me that maybe you don’t know about: I write. Yes, fiction, and, did I mention, it’s free to read. What’s more, if you love to read science fiction, then you might also like to read my space opera, SPACE FLEET, where the story is posted as a series of Personal Logs, Data Entries, and Story Episodes, from the POV of several characters. One of whom—Ada Novak—is penned by the delightful Vera, from Unfiltered Tales. Stop by and let us know what you think, and more, why not sign-up for free notifications of new content, and never miss an episode.