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Dear All:

Just to update you on what’s been happening, if you hadn’t noticed I was missing online, let alone the fact that this website (and all my other projects) went offline on Saturday. This was due to my hosting company being attacked by hackers (so I was told). They lost all their servers in this attack. And I, along with all their customers, have been offline these last four days hoping against hope to be reunited with their websites and data.

Thankfully, I know have a back-up version of my Alex in Murderland website, and, other than a couple of things, seem to have all my data intact. Including everyone’s likes and comments. For that, I am grateful.

Sadly, however, the same cannot be said for my other websites and projects which, so far, are lost. I have asked my hosting company for my XML file backups but, so far, have had no reply. To say it’s been a frustrating few days is an understatement. I have been silently screaming into the void while trying to remind myself no one died, and it’s only a website. But still, it’s heartbreaking.

Upshot is, this website will continue on my current host for a while longer before being transferred to a new hosting company based here, in my own province. One I can at least call locally, rather than a nameless call centre in India!

Because I seem to have lost all my reviews from my other book review blog, Book Blurb, I am renaming this blog and will be including a broader cross section of genre reviews here. I apologise in advance to those of you who aren’t interested in science fiction or fantasy, and hope you’ll bear with me and continue stopping by to read my reviews and other featured posts.

Also, for those of you who followed me over on the Wry Writer website, I am having to start from scratch, which means I have lost all my posts and your comments, and ask if you are willing would you please stop by and follow me once again.

My sincere thanks to you all for your continued support and friendship.


12 comments on “Alex in Booktopia

    • Alex

      Well, I wasn’t saying ‘Oh No’ on Saturday when Jetpack informed me all my blogs were down, that’s for sure. But one out of five is better than none. And I’ve got the Wry Writer hosted with a new company, better to have options than lose everything all over again.

  1. Avatar

    Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear this, Alex. I really hope your XML file backups come to light!

    I can’t access Wry Writer ( at the mo but I will definitely follow as soon as I am able.

    • Alex

      Thanks, Paula. I’m happy to at least get this blog back if nothing else, as this one is my baby! I was sad to lose the data for the Wry Writer, and, hopefully, can start afresh with a clean slate and have some fun over there.

      I’m not holding my breath over the other files, they haven’t answered my Support Ticket in over a day, so I’m guessing they lost a lot of stuff. Oh, and the Wry Writer website is up and operational now. Sorry about that. I might have been in maintenance mode. I’m redoing it all at the moment. Thanks again for all the support!

  2. Avatar

    I’m so sorry that happened to you! I for one am more than happy to see the rest of your reviews, so there’s no problem for me there! Good luck in retrieving more of you info!

    • Alex

      Thanks, Jessica, and that’s good to know. I have quite a few reviews waiting in the wings, but wasn’t sure readers here (mostly here for the crime fiction reviews) would be interested in SFF stuff.

      And thanks, I’m ever hopeful with the other websites.

  3. Avatar

    Oh wow that is terrible!

    • Alex

      Indeed, I was a little terrified I wouldn’t be able to recover all my data. Thankfully, my hosting company managed to get this blog, at least, back online for me. So, small mercies.

  4. Avatar

    How utterly horrible. I figured something had happened when I tried to access your last post. Glad to see you were able to recover this one and fingers crossed that you get all of your data back.

    I’m an eclectic reader so it works for me to see all of your genre reviews in one space.

    • Alex

      Thanks, Jonetta, I was worried about not being able to cover this blog, at the very least. I can just about cope with the loss of the others, but not this one.

      And thanks, it’s good to hear everyone is up with my posting all my reviews here from now on. Hopefully, I’ll be back to some semblance of normality soon.

  5. Avatar

    I did notice the site was offline but thought it was maybe me, because who would have expected this happening. Maybe you’ll turn me into a sci-fi are fantasy fan now, you never know

    • Alex

      Aww, thanks, Inge! It’s been a traumatic and trying few days. I think I drove my hosting company insane (as I am sure most of their customers did) asking about data recovery. Hopefully all is well from here on in, but there are never any guarantees.

      I hope you find something in my reviews to excite you to check out something new! And here’s to a new chapter.

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