These are all words that sound identical but are spelt differently, and have different meanings. For example, hair and hare sound the same but their meanings are totally different. After all, you wouldn’t want to have hares growing out of your head, now would you?

Spelling is one of the biggest causes for confusion in the written language, whatever the language. So, just to bore you silly and as I have absolutely nothing better to write about today, here are some of the most common homophones.

aisle / isle
aloud / allowed
ascent / assent
beach / beech
board / bored
canon / cannon
cereal / serial
chord / cord
coarse / course
draft / draught
gage / gauge
hair / hare
hall / haul
hoard / horde
hole / whole
its / it’s
leak / leek
lessen / lesson
maize / maze
mews / muse
moor / more
pail / pale
pair / pare
pause / paws
peer / pier
plain / plane
practice / practise
principal / principle
rain / reign / rein
raise / raze
right / rite
role / roll
sauce / source
sight / site
son / sun
stair / stare
stake / steak
stationary / stationery
swat / swot
tail / tale
their / there
to / too/ two
vain / vane / vein
waist / waste
waive / wave
weather / whether
wholly / holy
who’s / whose
yoke / yolk
your / you’re

I won’t promise you that this is a complete list, but it’s all I can remember off the top of my head.