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The Book Exchange

Oyez … Oyez! The Book Exchange is now open for business … and yes, I know this has been done before by many Book Bloggers. Each of whom, like me, trying to make space on their shelves in order to buy more books. And, rather than have books pile up everywhere, or worse, give them away—precious things that they are—we look to find good homes for them, where possible. So, dear reader, if you want to buy a book for $5, or if you think you have something of equal value and would like to do a swap, let me know. Stop by the Book Exchange page, have a look and see if there’s anything that takes your fancy, and let’s haggle. I’m open to suggestions.

Book Review: The Woo-Woo

DETAILS Title: THE WOO-WOO Author: Lindsay Wong Publisher: Arsenal Pulp Press ISBN: 9781551527369 Genre: Biography | Non-fiction BACK COVER BLURB Lindsay Wong grew up with a paranoid schizophrenic grandmother and a mother who was deeply afraid of the “woo-woo”–Chinese ghosts who come to visit in times of personal turmoil. From a young age, she witnessed the woo-woo’s sinister effects; at the age of six, she found herself living in the food court of her suburban mall, which her mother saw as a safe haven because they could hide there from dead people, and on a camping trip, her mother tried to light Lindsay’s foot on fire to rid her of the woo-woo. The eccentricities take a dark turn, however, when her aunt, suffering from a psychotic breakdown, holds the city of Vancouver hostage for eight hours when she threatens to jump off a bridge. And when Lindsay herself starts to experience symptoms of the woo-woo herself, she wonders whether she will suffer the same fate as her family. WHAT I THOUGHT The Woo-Woo by Lindsay …