This Woman Reads

So, I finished racing through THE ROMANOV PROPHECY, by Steve Berry, at the end of last week. A fun, fast-paced thriller in which the hero of the piece is, quite literally, doing a Tom Cruise: running the entire length of the book. Hey, don’t get me wrong, this was still a solid 3.5 stars worth… Continue reading

The Simplicity of the 3-Act Structure

The classical 3-act structure has it roots deep in pre-history, having initially come from Aristotle’s Poetics. Much of what defined a well written play has now been transferred to not only the art of screenwriting, but also full-length works of fiction. The main characteristics to remember are: that the first act sets up the action… Continue reading

Mastering the Art of Writing

Here are some of the more important questions you should be asking yourself when constructing your novel. Also, the advice presented here is as pertinent for any type of writing whether a short story, screenplay, or full-length work. THE SYNOPSIS This is a thumbnail of your story, what amounts to a brief encapsulation of not… Continue reading

The Art & Craft of Storytelling

As a writer, you should always consider these five major categories that highlight the important aspects of craft and storytelling. (1) Professionalism of Writing: Are the grammar, spelling, and punctuation correct? Is the writing easy to follow and understand? Can you just enjoy the story, or do you stumble over some of the writing choices?… Continue reading