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Book Haul: Upcoming Reads

Oh, how I love book mail, when those lovely, bright shiny covered books arrive and I smell them for the first time, ah! Come on, is there anything better? And the thrill of breaking a new spine of a new story, and even better, a new author. Well, I have quite a few new authors coming up, thanks to Jo over at the Blue Mood Cafe for some of these suggestions.

In this week’s haul:

  • TWO GIRLS DOWN by Louisa Luna (Crime)
  • AMBUSH by Barbara Nickless (Crime)
  • A MERCIFUL PROMISE by Kendra Elliot (Crime)
  • WE LIE WITH DEATH by Devin Madson (Fantasy)
  • HALL OF SMOKE by H.M. Long (Myth/Fantasy)
  • COLONYSIDE by Michael Mammay (SF)

And, of course, I just finished reading DEAD LAND by Sara Paretsky, which arrived way ahead of all the other books I ordered at the same time. Not that I’m complaining, but sometimes I wonder how my online book retailer makes any money trying to keep up with the Big A by offering free shipping and then, sending my order one book at a time.

I cannot finish without saying a really BIG thank you to Hannah Long for the signed copy of HALL OF SMOKE, a Norse-inspired fantasy that sounds like a fantastic and wild ride. And, of course, I can’t wait to read all of these.

10 comments on “Book Haul: Upcoming Reads

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    I’m seeing Hall of Smoke on a lot of 2021 TBR lists, so really look forward to reading a review. I’m kind of intrigued by that cover, I’m not able to fit it in with the whole Norse mythology look that I have in my mind!

    • Alex

      I won this copy in a competition, and it arrived signed from the author herself, so I am even more invested. I hope it’s as good as the pre-reviews are suggesting. And yeah, I think this really is more a fantasy take on the Norse myths rather than a straight up historical angle. Which makes it interesting too.

      Will let you know how I get on.

  2. Avatar

    Oh, Ambush was awesome. Love that series

    • Alex

      Oh, you’re reading this series too? Yeah, I absolutely loved the first two books, and can’t wait to read this, her third in the series, and I have book four on order too! Ha! Ha!

      I discovered her last year and she’s now one of my top five fav authors!

  3. Avatar

    Have you noticed a pattern in the colors of these covers Alex? Definitely some blue and yellow going on! Have fun!

    • Alex

      Ha! Ha! Funnily enough, yes, that’s why I chose them for the post banner, rather than the other two. Nice symmetry, as you said.

  4. Avatar

    There really is nothing better than bookpost! Great book haul lovely. I’m definitely interested in Two Girls Down so I look forward to your thoughts, and I’m not a fantasy reader but that cover of Hall of Smoke is so pleasing!

    • Alex

      Oh, I know. And I have two more coming that were on backorder. And I’ll be putting in another order maybe at the end of Jan beginning of Feb for new releases. 😉

      Oh, yes, I really liked the colours and cover on this one. I have no idea what it will be like to read, hopefully, interesting if nothing else.

  5. Avatar

    You’ve got two of my favorites here, Two Girls Down and A Merciful Promise! Enjoy

    • Alex

      That’s because I saw the authors mentioned on your blog, and I liked the premise of these two. So thank you for introducing me to not only new reads, but new authors. I have The Janes on order as well. 😀

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