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Books, Books, Books for 2021

I need to quit Twitter, now, seriously … okay, maybe I don’t but damn it, every time I go on there I end up adding yet another one or two books to my Wish List. And today? *groans* I added at least ten. Yes, TEN new books coming out next year that, well, I just have to read. And this doesn’t even take into consideration a whole slew of books I put in my little blue book. Yes, I have a little Moleskine that I jot down titles and authors in, for all the books I need to check out and or research further before I add them to that all important wish list!

Due diligence is key to making sure I buy only books I feel I’m going to enjoy, and, in doing so this last year, I’ve had a lot less duds on my TBR pile—and only one DNF this summer. A brilliant and necessary strategy that’s paying off. But strategy or no strategy, it means I’m also adding a lot more books to my wish list for this coming year than ever before.

Thanks book twitter. And now, the books …

And you, what books have you got lined up for 2021, if any?

10 comments on “Books, Books, Books for 2021

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    Woo hoo, you’ve got some gems here, Alexandra

    • Alex

      Thanks, Jo. I went through all the suggestions everyone has been posting recently, and made two lists. One of all the books I might want and then, being disciplined, I made the above list. I need to be practical and stick to what not only looks good, but what I might actually read. So, an assortment of genre and authors.

      Definitely, this year looks to be another filled with some fantastic reads. Roll on 2021!

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    Your lists are so bad for my TBR! 😀
    I’m still working on mine, it currently has about 50 books on them. Which I either already own or can get at the library. My library TBR is also about 50… Somehow I have to make both of these to one list I could actually follow, haha!

    • Alex

      Ha! Ha! Sorry not sorry. It’s only fair I do unto others as they have done unto me, right?

      Yeah, it’s difficult to keep it all manageable, I have an online wish list at my fav bookshop thats hundreds of books long, whereas here, on my website, I have my working list. It works for me, hope you figure yours out. 😀

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    Ooh, my precious lovelies! 2021 is already looking brighter. I don’t recognize any authors in here, except C.S. Harris (from the Sebastian St. Cyr series). But Wisteria Society and Tip for the Hangman both look intriguing.

    • Alex

      They all caught my eye mostly because they’re either authors I didn’t know or are debuts as well. And will you look at the covers? They in themselves make me want them all. Will let you know if I get them all and read them!

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    Haha, I can totally relate! and it’s even more true when you’re on Instagram. ALL THE BOOKS!!
    The Sanatorium is high on my list!

    • Alex

      I know what you mean about Insta, dang but I have to avoid that place even more so than twitter these days! 😉 Oh, and I’m with you, ever since I saw the cover for the Sanatorium, I wanted to read it. It sounds so good.

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    I’m properly excited for The Maidens because I really liked the twistiness in his first novel, The Silent Patient! Most of the other authors you list are new to me but I love some of the very colourful covers. I’d love to get my hands on a paper copy of Girl A but I don’t have it, we’ll see, perhaps I’ll go for a 99p ecopy if the chance occurs. Also, I’m definitely reading Stuart Turton’s The Devil and the Dark Water this year, even if it’s the only book I read!

    • Alex

      Oh, I forgot he wrote The Silent Patient as well. I remember you saying you really enjoyed that one. Drat, another book to add to my Back List. And yeah, the hype on Girl A is building. Will have to check that one out eventually as well.

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