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Let’s Get Definitive

Following on from yesterday’s post on spelling and grammar, I thought to bore you senseless with the Indefinite Article, and Split Infinitives. And who doesn’t want to split their infinitive, right? Unlike the Definite Article The, A and AN refer to someone or something whose precise identity is not specified. And, although they are among the most common words in the English language, confusion still arises as to which should be used when. So here’s a reminder. A is used: (i) before all consonants: a woman, a tree, a rock. (ii) before an aspirated h: a horse, a hero, a humorist. (iii) before the letter u when sounded like ‘you’: a unit, a use, a union. (iv) before a diphthong eu: a European, a eulogy. (v) before words beginning with y: a year, a yellow balloon, a youth. AN is used: (i) before a vowel sound: an animal, an example, an umbrella. (ii) before a mute h: an hour, an honest woman, an historian. A split infinitive occurs when to is separated from the infinitive by …

Let’s Get Specific

NaNoWriMo is coming up on us fast and, for those of us out there who are considering taking the challenge, I thought it would be a good idea to share a few pointers with you all. Primers that you can refer to and or, if you feel so inclined, print out and keep at the ready as a reminder. Today I’m starting with spelling, grammar, and punctuation, things we easily miss and or forget. Spelling First rule of thumb, proofread your work by reading it out loud. Grammar • it’s = it is. • its = belonging to it, used exactly the same way as his or hers. • there = a location, as in: over there, there it is. • their = belonging to them, as in: their house, their car. • they’re = they are, as in: “They’re coming right at us!” • your = belonging to you, as in: your hat, your glove. • you’re = you are, as in “You’re starting to annoy me.” Punctuation • Terminal period and commas inside …

In A World of Words

I collect things. I collect a lot of things. But some of what I collect are words. I love words. I love them so much, I scribble them down in an on-going collection of Moleskine notebooks. Yes, it’s an addiction. One I’m happy to feed on a daily basis. Words, like many of the things I collect, enrich my life. Because words are endlessly fascinating, they hold power, the power to sway, to make you laugh, to make you cry, to make you stop and think. They have the power to uplift, to change, to mutate us. They’re beautiful, and poetic, singly or in multiples. Through words, we live each and every day; we describe, we share, and yes, through words, we even fall in love. But don’t forget, words can also cut, they can hurt, and they can destroy. Every word has meaning … so choose your words carefully, make your words count; fashion them. Polish them. Perfect them. Because, with words, you tell people who you are.

I’m #TeamLori Are You?

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