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ALL Change!

Dear All, My sincere thanks to you all for your continued support while I make changes and move blogs from one place to another. As you can see, here, at the Alexandra Wolfe website, I have begun to install all my fiction, scribbles, and other stuff and ideas I’m currently working on. And, just to… Continue reading

New Beginnings

THE ENTIRE CONTENTS OF THIS WEBSITE HAS MOVED through a transdimentional portal, arriving at another warm and cosy location in cyberspace, and reassembled itself at the new web address below: WRYWRITER.COM You are cordially invited to click on the button above and be transported through time and space, in less than a heartbeat, to my… Continue reading

Hard Hat Area

Dear All, I’m planning a move, I’m planing a BIG move, as there are changes afoot within my quiet little dominion of cyberspace. As a result of said hoped for changes, there might be a few interruptions here, on this website. As in, maybe it will be unavailable for a day or two … or… Continue reading