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The Flash: “The Flash Reborn” S04 E01

Everyone’s running … Everyone’s running fast … Everyone’s running their heart out … to catch … a portal jumping thief, Peek-a-Boo. This was one kick-ass opening sequence that had me believing, oh, for maybe just a second or three, that everyone was actually chasing Iris. And that the Gang were filling in for the Flash—who… Continue reading

Supergirl: “Girl of Steel” S03 E01

Six months after sending Mon-El off into the depths of space, Kara is having difficulty coping with her loss and grief. National City is slowly recovering from the devastation wrought by the Daxamites, but new players and threats are emerging in their wake including BloodSport. And while we see a cooly efficient Supergirl—now dubbed the… Continue reading

ST: Discovery S01 E04 Recap

The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not For The Lamb’s Cry Where do I start with everything that went wrong in last night’s episode of Discovery? The fact we learn that the best character of the entire show, Captain Georgiou, was eaten by the Klingons, in what amounted to a throw away line. One that kills any… Continue reading

Shondaland Spinoff Series

In much the same vein as Chicago Fire and Chicago PD, Shonda Rhimes and her production company, Shondaland, are planning a ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ firefighters spinoff, says Deadline Hollywood. The 10-episode series will follow a group of Seattle-based firefighters. The cast will include series regulars: Grey Damon, Danielle Savre, Barrett Doss and Okieriete Onaodowan from Hamilton. Variety… Continue reading

INHUMANS: Pilot Recap

Marvel’s INHUMANS two-hour pilot premiered last Friday on ABC to mixed reviews, and I can understand why. This much-hyped show felt something of a let down given Marvels pedigree. Stacked up against Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Inhumans fell a little short on production values, and didn’t altogether blow me away. For a show about a group… Continue reading

Ten Days In The Valley verses The Disappearance

So, I finally sat down to watch the new Kyra Sedgwick show, Ten Days In The Valley, last night. I’d taped it Sunday evening along with another show, The Disappearance. Both series are, ostensibly, about children being kidnapped. But, of course, each show is so much more than that. They’re about human nature, the depths… Continue reading

The Good, The Bad, & the downright Ugly!

Let’s talk TV Shows … not all shows are created equal. It’s funny how, with a teeny, tiny budget, but great production team a show can rise out of mediocrity to become a hit, even a cult classic, think: HAVEN, TWIN PEAKS (The Return). So this got me making my lists … return shows I… Continue reading

Star Trek: Discovery

Recapping episodes 1 through 3 of Star Trek Discovery Damn that, Mallory Ortberg, over at the NYTimes and Vulture. She has recapped the first three episodes of Star Trek: Discover perfectly. So much so, there’s little I can add to her lengthy, spot-on posts, without stealing the words right from out her fevered mind! I’m drooling… Continue reading