WIP: The Last Word

PROLOGUE 4th August 1985  A SINGLE MOMENT in time can change and redefine a person’s life.  Deborah Levy was about to experience a defining moment that could be instrumental in changing the future. Not that she was aware of this in any way, shape or form as she followed Ruth up the steps of the… Continue reading

WIP: Kissed By Venus

OUT OF THE MISTS OF TIME, LEGENDS ARE BORN. And on the tortured surface of Venus, another legend was meeting her destiny. Major Rebecca Black, strapped inside the troop-transporter carrying raw recruits destined for the surface, watched the approaching planet through one of the few portholes. She’d once heard an old spacer refer to Venus… Continue reading

WIP: Family Roots

The sun was barely up above the horizon and already all the women in the Beringer household were up and busy with small things. Hannah sat with her first cup of steaming coffee, on the floor, playing with Dawg and Tom. Teasing the pair as she let the first light crawl across the parquet floor… Continue reading

The Ada Lovelace Letters #1

10 St James’s Sq, London November 26, 1852 Dear Mister Turing, You arrived in a fluster on my doorstep yesterday without so much as a gentlemen’s calling card nor, may I say, wearing anything approaching gentlemen’s attire. And an uncovered head in public, Mr. Turing? Tut-tut. But let us set aside how scruffily dressed you… Continue reading