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On My Tombstone

“She consumed books like a whale eats krill.” — Flavia de Luce It happens once a year, usually around this time … I have the lurgy … or, as it is better known, strep throat. My head feels like it’s going to roll away under the hedge outside, and I cannot swallow even my own spit! So you will excuse me if I take a few days off from the blog-O-sphere and go hide on the couch (in my PJs). Normal service will resume shortly!

A Day Out At The Pee Wee

Only me and mine could take a day off work to meet up with friends at the 60th Anniversary of Pee Wee Hockey Tournament on the day a blizzard (and almost white-out conditions) hit Québec City. Looking out the window after breakfast we decided to call a taxi and were chauffeured to the newly built Videotron Centre, slowly, but in relative safety. I’m glad we decided to go, despite the atrocious  weather, as we all had a really fun time yelling the kids on in their respective matches. And no, I didn’t play favourite. I yelled my encouragement at any kid who had the puck. As I really enjoy watching the faces of the kids both on and off the ice, having fun. The first game we watched was the New England Prospects play the Detroit Red Wings (AAA class, not the NHL teams). The goalie for the Prospects was a young woman who courageously blocked all the shots, in a penalty shootout when the teams drew 1-1. The Prospects took home the Stanley Cup …

Fabulous Friday Fun

What? No post today? Where the hell is that woman, I came here expecting a droll, witty post, a review, or a rant about middle-aged white dudes who can’t write female characters worth diddly-squat, not a blank page … Eh, okay, so I’m not out to lunch today… but I am at the hockey. The PeeWee Hockey to be exact. Yes, shocking isn’t it, Alexandra watches hockey. Not only that, Alexandra loves PeeWee hockey and isn’t above talking about herself in the third person when telling you. So, as you can see, nothing much happening here. I’ll be back Monday with another review, or even photos of kids playing hockey, centre ice, here in Québec City. Till then … Have a great weekend everyone!