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Anchors Away

Captain Helena Blackthorn cordially invites you to join her, and the other members of Space Fleet’s elite, on an adventure of a lifetime. “Come and join us at  where the fictional future of SPACE FLEET is being written—follow character’s stories in a series of Data Entries, Personal Logs, and Story Episodes. Join up, or just join in, the choice is yours!”

Happy New Year

I just wanted to extended a BIG thank you to everyone I’ve met since I started blogging again, earlier this year. The time you take to come and stop by to say hello, read a review or post, and leave a comment or three are very much appreciated. To Vera, Norrie, Inge, and yes, you too Sophie. It means a great deal to me that I have found such a dedicated group of book bloggers—readers with such a wide variety of likes and dislikes. You’ve opened new doors to me, and stretched my reading beyond where I might have comfortably stayed. And for that, I thank each and every one of you. You enrich my world with your snark, wit, candour, humour, honesty, and in sharing a part of yourselves, even if it’s only through discussing our favourite topic: books. I am honoured and look forward to sharing so many more reviews through out 2019. Here’s wishing you all health and happiness for the coming New Year. Santé et Bonne Année!

Self-Opinionated Woman Finally Receives the Liebster Award

Having absolutely no idea what the Liebster Award is but, nonetheless, taking a bow and thanking everyone, and Norrie, for nominating me (because she knows I’m a sucker for these memes) I do humbly accept my big, bright, shiny award and promise to lie answer Norrie’s questions truthfully, and honestly, to the best of my ability … maybe! #1 What kid’s movie were you scared of as a child? As kids we got to see lots of Disney movies (my parents were in the military) and the cinema was one place to get rid of the kids to at weekends. And I remember seeing Peter Pan and being absolutely terrified of the crocodile. But I think that had more to do with the older kids scaring us younger ones. #2 How did you pick your blog’s name? Eh, as it’s my name (being kind of dull like that) my catchphrase is “an opinionated woman” which is something my SO is always saying of me. Eh, if that tell’s you anything. I have a lot of …

What Kind of Book Blogger …

… am I? I’m remiss on my book blogging duties these days, now that I’m earnestly trying to do my online writing project, setting up a website, and procrastinating over every little detail. So that I haven’t actually been thinking about book-related posts. And haven’t even picked up a book to read, let alone review, in the last couple of weeks. I just keep getting distracted by … oh, look, shiny! Okay, you get the picture. All this to say, what with the holidays coming up, and my new project absorbing all my energy and excitement, there will be a little less posting of book-related posts here, for a while. And probably a lot more, pop on by Terran Incognito based posts. But, in my defence, they will be to alert you that there’s something posted of interest, so you should stop by and have a read. Don’t worry, I will still be blogging, only not every day, as usual. And I will still continue to visit your blogs and comment, throughout the week. And, …