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Soulmate Part 7

7 Fear. Trepidation. To say they were the only things Kate felt as she tried to eat some breakfast. All the while avoiding direct eye contact with the other table guests. Would be an understatement. She also felt a certain sense of elation, nausea and a whole gamut of conflicting emotions. It was Sunday. It… Continue reading

Soulmate Part 6

6 Don’t do it! The words rung in Kate’s mind, as she stowed her single bag and coat in the overhead compartment on the plane. Well, too late now, she had gone and done it. Done what Susan had feared. Booked a flight. Despite Susan trying to talk her out of the decision she knew… Continue reading

Soulmate Part 5

5 “Is there something you’re not telling me?” Susan asked confused. She thought she knew her friend. Knew her well enough, but this? This was something altogether new. She’d never known Kate to be either this rash, or irrational. Not over anything, especially something as inconsequential as an ad in a newspaper. “What haven’t you… Continue reading

Soulmate Part 4

4 It was two long boring tedious days that Kate thought she’d never get through. Twice she picked up the phone to call Susan. But, by Wednesday lunchtime, she decided Susan would probably call her that evening, and held off. On a whim she went back to the cafe she had stolen the Tribune from,… Continue reading

Soulmate Part 3

3 “So you see, I’m not the only one,” Kate said. Talking to Susan, though not about how her first day had gone or, how the week was shaping up to be a week from hell with Satan’s triplets. But about the ad she had found in the Herald Tribune. She sat in the quiet… Continue reading

Soulmate Part 2

2 OFFICE LIFE WAS AS CHAOTIC as it had always been. Frantic one minute, dull the next. And, as always, accompanied by the usual assortment of zoo personalities; clashing, creeping, manipulating and gossiping. It was only lunchtime on her first day and already Kate knew there was talk about her, behind her back. Some things… Continue reading

Soulmate Part 1

1 THE AIR WAS damp rather than chilly as Kate Mackenzie stepped off the back end of the big red double-decker bus. Which was nothing unusual for an average winter’s day here in London. If it snowed in the heart of the city you knew the rest of the country was in dire straights, or,… Continue reading