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Space Fleet Banner

And So, It Begins …

SPACE FLEET Is Seeking New Recruits! Space Fleet is now “live” and open for business, seeking new recruits to join us on our unfolding adventure out beyond Earth’s gravity well, into near-earth orbit, and beyond. Out into our local neighbourhood—from inner Sol Patrol around Mercury and Venus, to the Daedalus Space Station, the Lunar Moon Base, and all the way to Mars, and the fledgling ‘Bubble’ city. While the website is “live” it’s also still under construction, we’re looking for people to read, comment, and support Space Fleet by tweeting about us to your followers! We’re also offering writers a chance to crew with us, and share their own unique experience with a new readership—if your inner geek wants to get out there, and join in, stop by the website, and choose your berth now: SIGN UP TODAY!

Aiming For The Stars

This weekend saw me hard at work on a new project that I’ve been working on for several years now. Inspired to give this one a second chance not as a TV series [which languished in development hell] nor as the book I’ve only half written, but as an online project—I’m building a website. What I hope will not be just any website. But an interactive writing project open to those dedicated enough to want to join in. There will be secret missions, assignment, spaceships and space stations, political intrigue, machinations, and corporate congloms hell bent on running everything in our lives. Sound familiar? Only what’s happening today will be happening in our future, almost 150 years from now, when we’ve finally established a presence in space. The Chinese and India having established bases on the moon, and planning on a full take-over on Mars. In a future where corporate war and take-overs are fought with smugglers and pirates, designer drugs, and designer humans. Does this sound like a project you would like to be …

In A World of Words

I collect things. I collect a lot of things. But some of what I collect are words. I love words. I love them so much, I scribble them down in an on-going collection of Moleskine notebooks. Yes, it’s an addiction. One I’m happy to feed on a daily basis. Words, like many of the things I collect, enrich my life. Because words are endlessly fascinating, they hold power, the power to sway, to make you laugh, to make you cry, to make you stop and think. They have the power to uplift, to change, to mutate us. They’re beautiful, and poetic, singly or in multiples. Through words, we live each and every day; we describe, we share, and yes, through words, we even fall in love. But don’t forget, words can also cut, they can hurt, and they can destroy. Every word has meaning … so choose your words carefully, make your words count; fashion them. Polish them. Perfect them. Because, with words, you tell people who you are.