Drowing in the LOCH

If you live north of the dotted line, chances are you watch the CBC (the Canadian Broadcasting Company) and have caught an episode (or two) of the brilliant Scottish-centred show: THE LOCH.

THE LOCH is a six-part British drama series—set in the small Scottish town of Lochnafoy—created by screenwriter Stephen Brady. It was first broadcast on ITV June 2017, in the UK.

It’s one of those drama that the Brits are good at cooking up. Tightly written, with an excellent almost unheard of cast, set in the breath-taking scenery of the Scottish highlands, focused on a small community with its fair share of dark, and somewhat chilling secrets. All of which are a recipe for a dark, brooding murder mystery with all the right elements, red herrings, muddy subplots, to leave you wondering; who’s the murderer?

If you like Broadchurch and that style of police drama, then THE LOCH is definitely going to be high on your list of what to watch.

There’s plenty of drama, snark, droll wit, and in a series where every one has something to hide, you know there are going to be plenty of twists and turns as we, the viewer, try to figure out what’s going on.

Definitely a 4-STAR outing, as far as I’m concerned.

THE LOCH airs on the CBC, Thursdays at 9pm.