Hard Hat Area

Dear All,

I’m planning a move, I’m planing a BIG move, as there are changes afoot within my quiet little dominion of cyberspace. As a result of said hoped for changes, there might be a few interruptions here, on this website. As in, maybe it will be unavailable for a day or two … or more.

As with all planned for maintenance and tinkering under the hood, downtime can be expected. I’m hoping it will be all done and completed over the weekend, and that I’ll be back up, online, by next Monday. Or, maybe sooner, who knows.

In the meantime I hope everyone has a great weekend, and bank holiday weekend over there, in the UK!


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  1. Sophie

    So waht move is it? Gutenberg (I still have to try it!)? Something else? And I hope you’ll get to see my review of The City of Brass because you bossed me around into reading that one lol

    1. Alexandra

      I’ve moved this blog to a NEW URL, Sophie, as I want to use this space for my writing. And no, I will not be trying out Gutenberg anytime soon. Ha! Ha!

      And don’t worry, I’m still subscribed to your blog, and getting my email. So I won’t miss a thing. Popping over to your blog, now. 😀


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