I GROK Dr. Who

They heralded this will be a new series, with a new doctor, new writers, and a new show runner. They tell us we’ll get to see a new TARDIS and, today, unveiled Jodie Whittaker in her new outfit.

Sad to say having seen the ‘new’ outfit, all I could think to say was, “Nanu, Nanu”. Is Whittaker somehow a cousin of Mork from Ork? Many took to Twitter to voice their own opinions, many thinking the same thing as myself.

This may be an homage to all the doctors that went before her, but did it have to resemble a clown outfit? I mean, really?

I guess I must be the only person on the planet that was hoping for more. More from the new show runner, Chris Chibnall and, well, even Jodi herself. Chibnall promised us he would be bold, but this? I’m left scratching my head.

Strangely enough, the fan-art by ZestyDoesThings (shown below) is amazing, for a comic. Now this I would gladly buy and read.