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I’m Being Interviewed

I’m so incredibly humbled to have been asked, and interviewed, by the fabulous and talented Lorna Suzuki about my life and how I got into writing. The interview went live today, over on her website, here: ALL KINDS OF WRITING.

Lorna works tirelessly helping, supporting and boosting writers, never mind working diligently on her own projects. Her energy is as amazing as the woman herself who, through her own physical hardships, is still able to write, find time for her family and friends, and also support the writing community at large. She is a true inspiration.

So please, show Lorna your support and—hopefully—find out a little bit more about me in the process, visit her blog, coffee in hand, and have a read.

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Alexandra loves to rearrange the English language into clever sentences. Sometimes she's successful, sometimes she's not.


    • Thanks, Sophie. I cannot thank Lorna enough. She such a wonderful writer herself, and helps so many others in the WC. I do hope you stop by her website and read more about her work, too. Her Imago series has been option (and in production) for TV at the moment!

    • Alexandra says

      Thanks, Jonetta. I was delighted when Lorna asked. And yes, my writing partner and I decided we needed to do something outside the box. I think it’s going to be an exciting adventure, as they say.

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