INHUMANS: Pilot Recap

Marvel’s INHUMANS two-hour pilot premiered last Friday on ABC to mixed reviews, and I can understand why. This much-hyped show felt something of a let down given Marvels pedigree. Stacked up against Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Inhumans fell a little short on production values, and didn’t altogether blow me away.

For a show about a group of people with super powers, we didn’t see much in evidences. Even the lead character Black Bolt, the king of Attilan (Atlantis anyone) remained mute throughout the show (for good reason NO SPOILERS). That is, except for one lone moan that destroyed a police cruiser. And Medusa, his wife, her of the amazing, writhing red hair, was basically rendered impotent with a nasty haircut, curtesy of the villain of the show, Maximus.

Maximus, as it turns out, is the human brother of Black Bolt, something that seems at odds with the dichotomy of the show. Given there is a strict caste system on Attilan and selective inbreeding and genetic manipulation to produce mutants with powers: ergo, Inhumans. One wonders how Maximus, having failed ‘terrigenesis’, is not down in the mines digging tunnels on the Moon, like every other none-inhuman?

It’s in the script, I hear someone shouting.

Bizarrely, the overly large dog, Lockjaw, had more scenes showing off his powers than did the entire cast combine. Which brings me to Karnak, the only other cast member, beside the dog, who we’ saw use his powers for more than a brief moment. Crystal offered up a glowing ball in the second part of the pilot but did little else. While Gorgon? A giant of a man saddled with the name Gorgon (from Greek mythology) yet has cloven hoofed legs — seismic stomping aside — which would make him more a Pan, me thinks, than a Gorgon, or is that just me?

Anyway, minor hiccups aside, I’m going to give episode 3—airing tonight on CTV—my full attention, and we’ll see if this is going to be a surprise hit, or a painful dud.

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