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I’ve Got It Covered

Okay book friends, I’m looking for feedback and helpful comments today about book covers. Specifically, the two covers presented below. Like writing, sometimes we stare so long at something we begin to lose focus on what it is we’re looking at. We know something looks ‘okay’, but just that, okay, not great. And we know when there’s something amiss, just what though, often eludes us.

So I’m looking for several fresh sets of eyes to stare at these two covers and tell me which you prefer, if anything, about each. Do you like/hate the fonts? Is the text too close to the top/bottom, or is something else off? And, of course, let me know your thoughts in the comments, thanks!

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Alexandra loves to rearrange the English language into clever sentences. Sometimes she's successful, sometimes she's not.


    • Indeed, Jonetta. There are more votes for the font on the right, and yes, we’ve tried switching and reversing title and name, and even, other fonts. So much so, that today, everything changed. Which is just typical when it comes to cover artwork.

      You’ll see the updated cover over on twitter, here: @DreadnoughtSF

  1. To be perfectly honest,I can’t say that I am attracted to either of them. Sorry…
    But the font in the first one is not a very nice (the “y” is really not good) and too large.
    Size wise the second is better and less “cheap” thrill. But perhaps a bit classic…
    Of course,it remains a very personal opinion

    • This is exactly what I was looking for, Karina, honest feedback about what you liked and felt worked, or didn’t, and why. It’s always helpful to get feedback, so thanks!

  2. I think the first font fits the image better (rather powerful and frightening) but the space between the name and the title is too big! Let me see if I can point you to a cover with a font and display of the font that could fit better… give me 5 min.

  3. OK look at The Rising of Saturn cover in the “shortlist 40 coolest scifi covers”. I think it could fit your cover!

    • Alexandra says

      Thanks, Sophie, I hadn’t though about going that route. But given all the great feedback I’ve had on social media, I’m going to look at doing 3-4 variations and see what grabs me.

    • Thanks, Inge. I think everyone seems to have preferred that font, which is easier to read, and lighter, than the heavier version.

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