Jupiter Patrol: Charlie Unit


Five rings down and three sections over from the Bridge, situated next to Marine Ops and adjacent the Flight hanger, Charlie—one of four-sections in the Marine Prep-area—is a buzz with coordinated activity. The specialist unit, headed up by the mountainous shape of Marine Sergeant Ishmael Washington, is suiting up in prep for boarding drop-ship Charlie, which is already prepped and waiting them on the Flight Deck.

“Look lively people we haven’t got all day!” The mountain roars, more out of habit than need. As he watches, seals are slapped shut, equipment is secured and buddy-checks performed. His team are a well-oiled unit of seasoned professionals. Some of the best of the best, they have to be, to be chosen for duty on the Resource, out here, in the vast wilds of the Jupiter Sector.

Twenty section pods, twenty warm bodies fully dressed for non-atmospheric insertion, twenty affirmative ‘Ayes’ said in unison.

Washington scoops up his own helmet tucking it safely beneath an armour-clad arm and, stood next to the pressure-sealed hatchway, red light cycling above, turns and surveys his Charlie with pride.

“Let’s have-to, then.” He barks. A single silent column forms in front of him, all eyes on him. No one speaks, no one needs to they all know the drill by heart. With one final nod to the assembled, Washington turns and hits the big red button to cycle open the hatchway with a pressure suit gloved thumb.

“Time to go take care of business.”

The men and women of Charlie Unit follow their leader, as they have done countless times before, and no doubt will do so again. Willing to jump off the Galactic edge if asked to do so by this man they trust with their lives.

# # #

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