Martian Times and #1 Interplanetary Bestselling Editor and Author, Alexandra Wolfe, presents The Life & Times of the Empress of Mars, her latest work of fiction.

Alexandra Wolfe is the Martian Times and #1 interplanetary bestselling author of thirteen novels, including Jane Ayre, Daughter’s of Kali, Come the Inquisitor, The Last Word and Geometry of Shadows. In her dream landscape, she’s a resident of Bubble City, Mars.

Praise For

The Life & Times of the Empress of Mars

• A Mars Planitia Top Summer Read of 2112
• One of Colonist Monthly Best Books of 2112
• One of the Martian Times Reviewers’ favourites from 2112
• One of The Olympus Mons Star favourite fiction of 2112

Media Reviews

“Her talent is the equivalent of a Tharsis Ma’adim or, as an Earther might say, ‘Jane Austin on crack’ An exemplary storyteller, weaving her words with skill, wit and aplomb. She will be recognized as one of the great talents of the twenty-second century and will hold an honoured place among the Grand Masters of science fiction.” — The Martian Globe

“Science fiction at its most oblique.” — The Olympus Mons Star

“An absolute master [She] creates some wonderfully complex and compelling female characters, a distinct achievement in the world of science fiction.” — Martian Times

Who Is Alexandra Wolfe?

  • Alexandra Wolfe was born in Bubble City, Mars.
  • She has attended a number of prestigious universities on Earth, and even took classes, but never graduated from any. She does, however, hold half a degree in Earth Sciences from the Open University. One day, she’ll get the other half.
  • Alexandra has been a lichen gardener, an editor, and yes, an Empress.
  • She also served several years in the Martian Air Defence captaining a Dreadnought space cruiser.

Her Interests Include

  • Fencing; with a sword, not the picket-post.
  • Swimming; a novelty you don’t get on Mars.
  • Writing spurious, and supercilious fake reviews and bios for people who never existed other than in her head.
  • Cooking; Alexandra is an expert in rendering glow-in-the-dark lichen with noodles.

The Bucket List

  • Taking a trip into space aboard Virgin Galactic’s space shuttle. As long as she doesn’t have to prove she’s still a virgin.
  • Walking in Neil Armstrong’s footprints on the Moon literally no, really!
  • Climbing Ayres Rock Uluru in central Australia.
  • Getting a ‘Ticket’ for a trip to Mars.


Alexandra Wolfe is the only author in the history of the Martian bestseller list to simultaneously have 12 titles on the list, including the #1 spot, held for five consecutive cycles.