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My Latest Book Haul

If one book counts as a book haul, great, then this morning I got a book haul … though, I should add, I do have others on the way that I ordered at the same time.

Today’s arrival is THE WOMEN OF CHATEAU LAFAYETTE by Stephanie Dray, a historical that has been on my wish list for a while. However, I didn’t know it was going to be over 500+ pages long. Eek! I think this one might take me a week to read. Then again, maybe not. With the longer evenings, I have plenty of reading to get in this spring and summer.

Other books coming are THE LAW OF INNOCENCE by Michael Connelly, THE LAST THING HE TOLD ME by Laura Dave, and DIAL A FOR AUNTIES by Jesse Sutanto which I am really excited to read. Well, I’m excited to read all these wonderful books, but that one especially as not only does it sound like fun, will you look at that cover!

The sweet thing is the fact I got them all on offer through my online book store, Chapters Indigo. Priced between $15-$16 a piece. Nearly half price. The Scot in me is pleased with that kind of deal, talk about steal … and you, what new books have you got lined up, anything good? Come on, spill …


4 comments on “My Latest Book Haul

  1. Avatar

    I’m loving all of these! Of course, all but one are on my shelf

  2. Avatar

    Ooh, nice!
    That Laura Dave one looks familiar. I’m sure I have it on my ever growing wish list

    • Alex

      Yeah, a pretty good collection if I don’t say so myself. And the Dave one is the one being made into a TV series with Julia Roberts, so it must be good, right? 😀

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