Once Upon A Time, Season 7 Premiere

In the premiere episode of Once Upon a Time, last night, we see a teenage Henry saying his goodbyes to Regina before he takes his leave on a motorbike, and, throwing what might be the last magic bean in existence out in front of him, opens a portal to other worlds, and other stories. And rides off to seek his story.

It’s now many years later and the young Henry is a grown man, still riding the same motorbike but through the Enchanted Forest when he collides with another version of Cinderella, riding in her carriage to the Prince’s ball. But before we can see the sparks fly, we’re suddenly in Seattle, presumably present day, where Henry is driving an Uber-style taxi.

Several jumps back and forth between Seattle and the Enchanted Forest, fills in the gaps. As we find out and catch up on what’s been happening to the various new characters, and yes, our favourite baddies: Mr. Gold, who is now Det. Weaver (get the pun) and Captain Hook is now a member of Seattle’s finest, a beat cop. While best of all, Regina, the evil Queen, is now a seedy bar owner going by the name of Roni. And boy does she like to toss back a few.

Enter this season’s baddy, Lady Tremaine, who is also Cinderella’s step mother, and you know where this is all going — we’re going back to basics and sticking to familiar ground. A ‘new’ curse has befallen everyone, who are now living in Hyperion Heights, in Seattle. And it’s incumbent upon Cinderella’s daughter, the young Lucy (Henry in the original), to make everyone believe and thereby restore everyone’s memories.

I’m sure we’re in for a fun, familiar ride as everyone battles it out, in both realms and, hopefully, by the seasons end, we will have a happily ever after for both Henry and Cinderella.

Oh, and as an added bonus, we were treated to a clip of next weeks episode featuring … Emma Swan.

Tune in, or miss out.

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