ST: Discovery S01 E04 Recap

The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not For The Lamb’s Cry

Where do I start with everything that went wrong in last night’s episode of Discovery?

The fact we learn that the best character of the entire show, Captain Georgiou, was eaten by the Klingons, in what amounted to a throw away line. One that kills any idea of her miraculous return, at a later date. Or the way Commander Landry, played by Rekha Sharma, was so casually and brutally killed by ‘Ripper’ the gigantic tardigrade, for no apparent reason, other than maybe for shock value.

It’s disturbing on so many levels, but maybe not so surprising if you think about it, given the actress playing Landry isn’t even listed as a full-time cast member on the CBS page for Discovery.

Making Landry, what, a red shirt, and therefore, expendable?

Oh … and a tardigrade, I mean, really? Do the writers of Star Trek realise that a water bear could never grow to be that big?

Then we get to the supposed main plot line of the episode, the Klingon attack on Corvan 2, a mining colony. A colony that provides the Federation with 40% of its dilithium crystals. Don’t get me started on why the planet wasn’t better protected to begin with.

But this attack then serves as the pivotal plot point for Discovery fast-forwarding its new spore-drive capabilities. While offering heightened tensions amongst the crew in such a way, it felt like ‘false jeopardy’.

The best parts of the episode—for me at least—are between Burnham and Saru, who has the most biting retorts; “You will fit in perfectly with Captain Lorca” and “My ganglia remain unconvinced.”

Best character so far? Lt. Cmd. Saru.

Most superfluous character so far? Cadet Sylvia Tilly.

Not the best episode, but it did have its moments.