Supergirl: “Girl of Steel” S03 E01

Six months after sending Mon-El off into the depths of space, Kara is having difficulty coping with her loss and grief. National City is slowly recovering from the devastation wrought by the Daxamites, but new players and threats are emerging in their wake including BloodSport. And while we see a cooly efficient Supergirl—now dubbed the Girl of Steel—dealing with the latest threat to National City on a two-fold front; Kara Danvers is withdrawing from those she loves. Brusque with J’onn, snappy with James—to the point she quits her job at CatCo—she then brushes Lena off when asked to lunch, and ends up all but shouting at her sister.

Telling Alex, “Kara Danvers sucks right now. Supergirl is great. Supergirl saved the world. So if I could choose to be her, why would I ever choose to be the sad girl whose boyfriend is gone? I don’t like that girl, Alex.”

The best kind of character conflict, is always emotional. And Melissa Benoist carries it off perfectly. Keeping Supergirl/Kara cold, aloof, torn and prickly; what better way to start off the new season, than have your lead act out of character.

I’m sure we will see more of Kara’s emotional roller coaster ride in the coming weeks. Especially as we’re introduced to new series regular, Odette Annabel playing a mother, who, during a scene at the end of the episode, displays super human strength while saving her trapped daughter. Also revealed in a brief glimpse is a pod trapped on an underwater shelf. Leaving us to connect the dots to the ‘third’ pod seen being dispatched from an exploding Krypton, at the very end of season 2.

There’s plenty to anticipate as the new season gets underway, even though this episode—while full of emotional-bang—lacked a credible adversary. Odette, as Reign, though, is sure to put a wrinkle in everything, as her story begins to unfold in the coming weeks. I, for one, am excited.

Best scene: Where a tearful Alex asks an almost blubbering Hank to walk her down the aisle, in the biggest, gayest wedding National City has ever seen.

Best line from J’onn: “Come on Alex, your unrelenting seriousness is one of your best qualities.”

Best guest appearance: The cameo of Cat Grant—played by the excellent Calista Flockhart—popping up on TV as the President’s Press Secretary. Priceless!

Kudos to the writers on this show who continually innovate, change direction, and up the ante keeping it fresh and relevant.