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Rereading Favourites — The Top 5 Books I want To Read Again

Following on from Norrie over at, Reading Under The Blankie, I thought to take a look at five books I continue to reread if not once a year, at least on a fairly regular basis. Books that may have spoken to me, for one reason or another, at the time. Books that even now, still resonate with me long after that initial read. And though years have come and gone, I still feel a tug of nostalgia to re-visit these worlds, and these characters. Although I read any number of thrillers and crime or mystery novels now. That wasn’t always the case. Up until my mid 30s, I was a huge SF fan, and consumed an almost exclusive diet of speculative fiction. Then, the authors I loved and knew fell by the wayside, not being published anymore, or they had moved genre, or, quite simply, had died. And the new clutch coming in behind them? Just didn’t hit the right notes, or buttons. I moved genres. It happens.