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It’s Just An Expression

“I need an expression, dammit!” Tom barked from the spotlit corner of the room where he was writing. Teddi closed her eyes, placed a finger in the book she was reading, and shut it. Two heartbeats, she opened her eyes, “How about pi as expressed as a fraction over—” she never got to finish as Tom yelled. “No, no, no, not a maths expression…” careful to not add the word ‘idiot’ at the end of his rebuke. “I need something witty for my main character to say to his girlfriend.” His head bobbed over his keyboard as if the keys themselves would start typing. Teddi chewed the inside of her lip. She knew it had been a mistake to let Tom have his ‘office’ there, in the lounge not four feet away from her couch—her reading couch. Ever since he had ‘moved’ in, putting his small computer desk against one wall, and setting up enough standing lights to illuminate the Eiffel Tower, she’s not had a moments peace to read uninterrupted. And woe betided her …

List of Contents

I’m following in the footsteps of the very talented Margot over at, Confessions of a mystery novelist, who took up challenge by FitfulFearfulPhantasmal, to write a piece of Flash Fiction as a list of contents. My thanks to both for the inspiration. Here’s what I came up with. This is the official list of catalogued items found floating in the engine room aboard the Daedalus Space Station, by rescue workers. What has happened to missing engineer, Lt. Tony Cho. Main Engine Room: 1. Left glove of EXO suit 2. Acetylene torch and 4 mini gas canister (empty) 3. A single large feather 4. Re-breather mask (damaged) 5. Empty lead-lined class 4 container 6. Roll of fine tungsten steel cord 7. One Goddard magnetized plate 8. One Pistol-Grip spatial screwdriver 9. One ratchet trick tool 10. One ceramic cupeling container 11. Four partial teeth: human 12. One well-worn classic novel, 3 pages missing 13. One broken yellow pencil 14. Empty packet of wriggles gum Missing from Engine Room: 1. Two tungsten steel panels 4 x 4 …

Q&A with Kevlin Henney

First up, would you like to tell us a little bit about yourself and background? I live in Bristol — one wife, two sons, three, no cats or dogs — and work as a software development consultant. I’ve written books, columns and articles on software development. A few years back, after a brief hiatus (of a couple of decades…), I decided to get back into writing fiction. This was possibly some kind of manifestation of mid-life crisis. Software development and flash fiction, is there a correlation? Not sure there’s a direct correlation, and I’m not sure it applies to all software developers or to all flash-fictioneers, but for me there are many connections between the two, some logical and some personal.