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Let’s Talk Favourite Authors

Everyone has their favourite and go-to authors. Some we still love and have been following for decades, others are new to us, and recently discovered or arrived on the scene. How ever we find them, and how ever long they stay with us, we love what they write and have written. Novels that have moved us, expanded our horizons (literally) and taken us on countless journeys to places near and far. Novels populated by characters that resonate with us, and who stay with us long after we’ve finished reading about them. “We read books to find out who we are. What other people, real or imaginary, do and think and feel… is an essential guide to our understanding of what we ourselves are and may become.” ― Ursula K. LeGuin Today I want to share with you a handful of my favourite authors who have written countless books between them, and created some truly memorable characters.

Three Things #Tag

Following Norrie’s lead from—readingundertheblankie—because who wouldn’t, right? I’m doing the Three Things #Tag. Three Read Once and Loved Authors — Louise Penny, of course, I love her and the Three Pines series. — Laurie R. King, most definitely, I started with her Kate Martinelli series. — And in the last year, both Kathleen Kent and Steph Broadribb. Three Titles I’ve Watched But Haven’t Read — The Hunger Games: Never read any of the books but did see the movie on the TV. — The Shawshank Redemption: Saw the movie but didn’t even know there was a book. Go figure. — Sphere, by Michael Crichton (thanks Norrie) no, I haven’t read any of his books, but seen quite a lot of the resulting movies. Three Characters You Love — That’s got to be Steph Broadribb’s kick-ass hero, Lori Anderson. — Also, Kathleen Kent’s Betty Rhyzyk from The Dime! — And new to me is Mallory Bright from The Locksmith’s Daughter, who is really kicking britches in a man’s world of Elizabethan England! Three Series’ Binged — …

Summer Reading

I’ve wandered across a number of book bloggers this last week all posting lists of their (hoped for) summer reads. And, as of last night, I now know I’ll be off for the entire month of July. With this knowledge in hand, I began wondering whether I would set aside time to read, and if so, what books I might like to buy. Given my ‘Wish-lists’ on both Amazon and Chapters-Indigo (the Canadian version of Amazon) are always and ever growing, I am at no loss for choice. So here are the titles that peeked my interest, 10 very eclectic books:

Q&A with author Kathleen Kent

First of all, would you like to tell us a little about yourself. I grew up in Texas and attended UT at Austin studying literature and history.  What I wanted to be was a writer, but my dad, who was a very practical man, convinced me that being a starving artist was not all it was cracked up to be.  Instead, he argued, I should study business, get a “real” job and write in my spare time.  Which is what I eventually did.  After college I lived and worked in New York for twenty years:  10 years working for the former Chairman of the Commodity Exchange, and then for another 10 years as a civilian contractor to the U.S. Department of Defense in Russia facilitating defense conversion work, converting military plants into civilian use.  I wrote a lot during those 10 years, but almost all of it was factual progress reporting to my coordinating CO in Washington. I did very little creative writing as my job was all consuming, leaving not much time, or energy, to commit to writing a …

The Dime, by Kathleen Kent

DETAILS Title: THE DIME Author: Kathleen Kent Publisher: Mulholland Books ISBN: 978-0316311038 Genre: Crime | Suspense | Mystery BACKCOVER BLURB Brooklyn’s toughest female detective takes on Dallas—and neither is ready for the fight. Dallas, Texas is not for the faint of heart. Good thing for Betty Rhyzyk she’s from a family of take-no-prisoners Brooklyn police detectives. But her Big Apple wisdom will only get her so far when she relocates to The Big D, where Mexican drug cartels and cult leaders, deadbeat skells and society wives all battle for sunbaked turf. Betty is as tough as the best of them, but she’s deeply shaken when her first investigation goes sideways. Battling a group of unruly subordinates, a persistent stalker, a formidable criminal organization, and an unsupportive girlfriend, the unbreakable Detective Betty Rhyzyk may be reaching her limit. WHAT I THOUGHT The Dime—Kathleen Kent’s first crime novel—opens with an explosive, ugly start that will have you page turning from the get go. She also manages to bring a fresh twist to the genre and then ups the ante. Her …