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Bassetts Licorice Allsorts

Sometimes, just sometimes, I want to make a large mountain of books in the middle of the floor of my apartment, and set them alight! Yes, I know, I’m either crazy or … I’m having another bad month time when it comes to choosing books—both at the bookshop and to read—in general. I have this knack at the moment of choosing three books, two of which will turn out to be duds or, just plain GAH! I read and finished FORCE OF NATURE in record time, within I think two sittings? And throughly enjoyed my trip out into the Aussie outback with Harper’s socially inept characters. But then? The next two books I’ve started are, well, just mind numbingly boring. Yes, that includes what started out as an intriguing read, LOCKDOWN, by Laurie R. King. Who is normally so reliable when it comes to excellent storytelling with plenty of twists and turns. And yes, for the first 95 pages, I was there … and then, just as quickly, I wasn’t when, for some obscure reason, …

First Impressions Friday: Lockdown

It’s that time of week, again, which means, it’s First Impressions Friday. For those of you who are unfamiliar, #FIF is a weekly meme created by J.W. Martin. The goal is to talk about a book you recently started reading then, share your first impressions, predict what you think will happen, and say whether you think you’ll enjoy it. “Career Day at Guadalupe Middle School: A day given to innocent hopes and youthful dreams. A day no one in attendance will ever forget.” A year ago, Principal Linda McDonald arrived at Guadalupe determined to overturn the school’s reputation for truancy, gang violence, and neglect. One of her initiatives is Career Day—bringing together children, teachers, and community presenters in a celebration of the future. But there are some in attendance who reject McDonald’s bright vision. A principal with a secret. A husband with a murky past. A cop with too many questions. A kid under pressure to prove himself. A girl struggling to escape a mother’s history. A young basketball player with an affection for guns. …

Let’s Talk Favourite Authors

Everyone has their favourite and go-to authors. Some we still love and have been following for decades, others are new to us, and recently discovered or arrived on the scene. How ever we find them, and how ever long they stay with us, we love what they write and have written. Novels that have moved us, expanded our horizons (literally) and taken us on countless journeys to places near and far. Novels populated by characters that resonate with us, and who stay with us long after we’ve finished reading about them. “We read books to find out who we are. What other people, real or imaginary, do and think and feel… is an essential guide to our understanding of what we ourselves are and may become.” ― Ursula K. LeGuin Today I want to share with you a handful of my favourite authors who have written countless books between them, and created some truly memorable characters.

Three Things #Tag

Following Norrie’s lead from—readingundertheblankie—because who wouldn’t, right? I’m doing the Three Things #Tag. Three Read Once and Loved Authors — Louise Penny, of course, I love her and the Three Pines series. — Laurie R. King, most definitely, I started with her Kate Martinelli series. — And in the last year, both Kathleen Kent and Steph Broadribb. Three Titles I’ve Watched But Haven’t Read — The Hunger Games: Never read any of the books but did see the movie on the TV. — The Shawshank Redemption: Saw the movie but didn’t even know there was a book. Go figure. — Sphere, by Michael Crichton (thanks Norrie) no, I haven’t read any of his books, but seen quite a lot of the resulting movies. Three Characters You Love — That’s got to be Steph Broadribb’s kick-ass hero, Lori Anderson. — Also, Kathleen Kent’s Betty Rhyzyk from The Dime! — And new to me is Mallory Bright from The Locksmith’s Daughter, who is really kicking britches in a man’s world of Elizabethan England! Three Series’ Binged — …

New Book Haul

So I did it again. I bought more books after promising myself to take the time to read at least 2-3 more off the TBR. But no—that ain’t gonna happen any time soon. We were in Montreal this weekend, and, of course, couldn’t resist going to Chapters Indigo, my favourite stop in all of Montreal—I mean, come on, they’re open late. So I had plenty of time to thoroughly cruise all the Mystery fiction shelves. Here’s my haul! The Locksmith’s Daughter — Karen Brooks The Chalk Pit — Elly Griffiths The Sweetness at the bottom of the Pie — Alan Bradley Lockdown — Laurie R. King Hungry Ghosts — Peggy Blair