Alpha Base Mobilisation

EXCLUSIVE: Harry J. Canis reporting — Today saw organised chaos here, in Alpha Base, as another crawler was despatched from the base to where, this reporter can only guess. Having pieced together what’s happening elsewhere through communiques with fellow colleagues at the Martian Chronicle, and eavesdropping in on conversations I’m not privy too, I know… Continue reading

Unknown Assailants

EXCLUSIVE: Emily Chu reporting — This just in, international scientists and crew based at Malea Planum—who have been researching carbon dioxide ice in Mars’ south polar region—have come under attack from unknown assailants we are told in a dispatch from our reporter, Harry J. Canis.  The UN base Commander, Cmdr. Patric Johanneson, has dispatched a… Continue reading

A World on Edge

EXCLUSIVE: Emily Chu reporting — Newly elected UN Secretary General, Sonja Christensen, spoke last night to a full assembly of member nations, in Valencia, Spain, warning them to stay the course in these uncertain times. All the while carefully alluding to the psychopathy of the incumbent US President, J. Barnum Finch, whose inflammatory speech earlier… Continue reading

Minor Quake Causes Structural Damage

CITYWIDE UPDATE: Patric Trembly reporting — Despite last month’s minor quake beneath Delta Dome, structural engineers have given the okay to tunnelling teams to go ahead with excavation work being done on the primary access tunnel from Charlie Dome through to the newly refurbished Delta Dome. As readers already know, the buildings in Delta’s ‘Desert’ city are… Continue reading

Are We Alone?

EXCLUSIVE: Emily Chu reporting — This just in. Our intrepid reporter, Harry J. Canis (who’s embedded at the UN Alpha Base) has managed to acquire screenshots from the Mars Orbit Observation satellite, featuring Lt. Nancy Ko’s recent shuttle flight. We are working hard to bring you more about what was discovered in the deep desert… Continue reading