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WIP: A Beautiful Mystery

Sanjay Gupta, a slight man of medium height, had Bollywood good-looks that could turn a girl’s head and coax a coy smile. He had soft, liquid brown eyes with uncommonly long eyelashes, sadly, Kalinda Dharma noted, he was also stone cold, and very much dead. She looked down at the man as he lay in repose in the rich loamy earth beneath her booted feet. He looked to all as if he hadn’t a care in the world, eyes wide open, staring up at the vaulted canopy above them.  In the harsh glare of the sim-lites, however, it was clear Gupta’s once sallow brown skin was now an unhealthy shade, as stilled blood—having pooled—gave the skin a mottled purple-red discolouration. Ignoring the group that surrounded her, Kalinda squatted down on her haunches and reached out to touch the body. One, because she wanted to see if the skin, when pressed, turned white. And two, to feel how cool it was. In the absence of a either a pathologist, coroner, or medical examiner, she was it. …

I’m Being Interviewed

I’m so incredibly humbled to have been asked, and interviewed, by the fabulous and talented Lorna Suzuki about my life and how I got into writing. The interview went live today, over on her website, here: ALL KINDS OF WRITING. Lorna works tirelessly helping, supporting and boosting writers, never mind working diligently on her own projects. Her energy is as amazing as the woman herself who, through her own physical hardships, is still able to write, find time for her family and friends, and also support the writing community at large. She is a true inspiration. So please, show Lorna your support and—hopefully—find out a little bit more about me in the process, visit her blog, coffee in hand, and have a read.

Consulting the Stars

Sometime I think that everything I ever learnt about how to write, I learnt from reading Ursula K. Le Guin novels [with humble apologies to my favourite English teacher of way back when]. Even now, I still find myself reaching for one of Le Guin’s works, not just for that spark of inspiration, but to remind myself how did she write this scene, capture that character, orRmake it all work? And just to interject here, Le Guin also wrote some edifying articles and posts. One need only look here, “On Rules of Writing, or, Riffing on Rechy” to get a taste of her knowledge, wit, and insight. Certainly, you can’t do any worse than reading through her articles on writing, especially, and specifically, “What Makes A Story? “I define story as a narrative of events (external or psychological) which moves through time or implies the passage of time, and which involves change. I define plot as a form of story which uses action as its mode usually in the form of conflict, and which closely and …