The Brave, “Break Out” S01 E04

The unlikely hero of last week’s episode “Break Out” has got to be Defence Intelligence Agency Deputy Director Patricia Campbell, played by Anne Heche. We get to see Patricia leave the confines of the office, to join her team out in the field, in order to interrogate an American gone rogue: a Taliban sympathizer being held captive in Helmand prison, in Afghanistan.

There to get vital intel out of this traitor, the tense situation is made worse when an attempt at a prison breakout brings the depleted team under fire. And while dodging bullets, the team fight to get both the tough as nail Patricia and the prisoner out of harms way. But of course, you know that’s not going to happen. And while the tension mounts, and people are getting shot at, Patricia maintains her laser focus amid the chaos and she gets the information she needs. This is one tough cookie who holds her own, and gets the job done. I have to say, for me at least, Anne Heche is perfectly cast in this role.

THE BRAVE continues to deliver each and every week with great performances, tension-filled action, and scripts ripped from tomorrows headlines. What more could you ask for.