The Holidays are Here!

We’re already mid November and the year’s end is coming fast, as TV land gears up for the start of the extended holiday season. First with Thanksgiving and then, of course, Christmas. So many shows are winding up their season for the break, while others are just about to start.

We can say hello—for a couple of weeks at least—to the return of one of my fav shows, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. which airs with a two-hour season premiere on ABC at 8pm, Friday Dec 1st.

The 4th season of The Librarians also returns Dec 13th, on TNT, at 8pm.

And who can forget one of the most anticipated TV Christmas special, Dr. Who’s “Twice Upon A Time,” which airs on BBC America, Christmas Day, at 9pm. And will introduce Jodi Whittaker, the latest regeneration of the Doctor.