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The Lady Janies Book Tag

Following in the footsteps (and blogposts) of Kiersten over at, Once Upon A Spine, I’m doing The Lady Janies Book Tag created by Rebecca and Ellyn.

The Rules

• Thank the person who nominated you
• Answer all the questions below
• Pingback the creators: Rebecca and Ellyn
• Nominate 5 or more blogger to do the tag

JANE LYNCH: A favourite book featuring a character on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum

That would have to be lesbian and Detective Betty Rhyzyk from The Dime, by Kathleen Kent. Funny, smart, and as tough as nails.

LADY JANE GREY: A short book that packed a punch

I guess I would have to go with Animal Farm by George Orwell, which I was forced to read at school but, even to this day, still resonates with me.

JANE AUSTEN: Favourite heroine in a classic novel

Like so many before me, I’m choosing Jane Eyre, as she was one of my early heroes before I discovered science fiction!

JANE EYRE: You favourite retelling

This has got to be by author, Jim C. Hines and his retelling of the “Princess” fairytales. Start with The Stepsister Scheme, brilliant!

CALAMITY JANE: Your most anticipated release

I don’t really anticipate a books release, but I am looking forward to the follow-up of The Dime, from Kathleen Kent; featuring the tough Detective, Betty Rhyzyk.

JANE FONDA: A character who upholds feminist ideals

Dang, but this one is difficult. The only character who pops into my mind is Hermione from the Harry Potter series, who stood up for herself, and others, and showed great fortitude and courage. I don’t know about feminist, but there you go.

JANE KRAKOWSKI: An underrated book you wish more people would read

I would choose, The Missing Informant, by Anders de la Motte, a Swedish author I’m sure many people have never heard of. But this book, and the follow-up, were outstanding!

THE LADY JANIES: Two or more authors you wish would write a book together

At the moment, the two authors who I could see coming up with something outstanding are, J. K. Rowling and Karen Brooks. Two very imaginative women who, if they were to collaborate, I’m sure, would come up with a unique world populated with kick ass characters!

My Nominees are (and, of course, anyone else who wants to do it):

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  1. Jane Eyre was required reading in school when I was in Form 3.
    Recently, I watched the 2011 movie version and was reminded how much I used to love the book.
    The movie made me want to pick up the novel and read it again – this time through an adult’s eyes.

    • Alexandra says

      I think it speaks to all young girls at the time, as a book, and then, later, as adults, we can appreciate the movie because, who doesn’t want to find that scarred man to fall in love with? *snort* Okay, so maybe it’s the bare chest …

    • I think Hermione is a true hero for anyone to aspire to, actress and character alike! 😀

      Oh, and wouldn’t they just?

  2. And not this post releated but your “about” post related: How can you truly love marmite???? LOL I love your “about” it shows your sense of humor under the veneer 😉 Following you by mail now as you don’t have a “follow” WordPress button. xx

    • I think you must be the first person to read my “About” page, ever! Ah, Marmite, you either love it or hate it. I think it’s like Cilantro, you either have a taste for it, or it tastes like soap (apparently!)

      Thanks, I’m a humorist at heart even though I write SF. Oh, and I would have a WordPress button if I knew how.

  3. Oh, cool tag! 🙂

    We didn’t study Animal Farm, not sure why though, but i read it during that time cuz my favourite fictional intellectual, Adrian Mole talked about it 😀

    • Isn’t it just! When I stumbled across it, I couldn’t resist doing it. I hope you give it a go too. 😀

      Well, there you go, I read Adrian Mole and have no memory of him talking about Animal Farm, which must mean it’s time for a re-read.

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