The Legend of Hell House …

He was tall. Taller than me. Well built in a weight lifter way, and looked way older than he was. And, at 15, was not supposed to be going in to see an adult, ‘R’ rated movie, a horror movie at that, with me. Who, at just 3 years older, thought we’d celebrate our birthdays together by going to a movie.

But not just any movie, we went to see THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE, one of the scariest (at the time) horror films of it’s day (1975).

Remember, this was before Star Wars, before Alien, and before expensive CGI and fancy graphics or green screens. This was back in the day when what you didn’t see was far more important that what you did. It was all about letting the actors—in this case, Roddy McDowell and Gayle Hunnicutt—react to the unseen terror with just that, creeping terror.

And, to have seen us two, hunkered down in our seats, bolstering one another to carry on watching, would have made for a hilarious comedy, I’m sure. Two terrified teenagers egging one another on, telling each other that we weren’t scared, is, looking back on this now, hilarious. I often use to tease my big little brother about this.

These days, I miss not sharing these memories with him.

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    1. Alexandra

      Exactly, Sophie. The imagination fills in the gaps far better, and thus, makes a very ordinary horror film so much more scary. Especially when seen with someone else.

    1. Alexandra

      Oh, I’m with you. Back then horror movies were brilliant in freaking me out because you saw nothing and it was all left to our imagination. Now though? Everything is just violence.


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