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So, I finished racing through THE ROMANOV PROPHECY, by Steve Berry, at the end of last week. A fun, fast-paced thriller in which the hero of the piece is, quite literally, doing a Tom Cruise: running the entire length of the book. Hey, don’t get me wrong, this was still a solid 3.5 stars worth of pure popcorn entertainment.

You can’t go wrong with a Steve Berry book.

Next up, for my weekend read, I leaped into THE CHILL OF NIGHT by James Hayman. Oh boy, does this author appears to have it in for women. They’re abused, tortured, raped, brutally murdered, leered at, and even one female character mentioned in passing, was considered a vengeful harpy. Which just goes to show you how well the male characters are portrayed. They are so stereotypical it was as if the author looked them up in the ‘Do not—under any circumstances—portray your characters this way,’ section of the Crime Writer’s Of America Handbook.

Sarcasm? You bet! A brutal, plodding 2.5 stars.

To console myself, this morning I went out and bought a new read, DEEP DOWN DEAD by Brit-author, Steph Broadribb (not, I understand, her real name). This one is about Lori Anderson, a female bounty hunter, which sounded somewhat different and, right about now, I need different.

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