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Top Ten Tuesday

So today’s theme for Top Ten Tuesday, from Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl, is what book titles might make good song titles and … whoa, what … come again?

As someone who reads a lot of diverse genre, specifically, crime and science fiction, this one actually had me laughing out loud. No, seriously. I nearly snorted my coffee across the keyboard thinking about the different tiles I just read recently, and how they might appears as a song title.

I mean, who is going to want to sing a lullaby that’s titled THE ABOMINATION (book by Jonathan Holt) or FORCE OF NATURE (book by Jane Harper) though, it is true Force of Nature could, at a squeeze be a song title. Then let’s think of a few SF titles, how about VELOCITY WEAPON (book by Megan O’Keefe), yeah, sure … not unless we’re talking some weird ass heavy metal grunge group going all Mongolian, or something.

Or, how about, CAPTAIN MOXLEY AND THE EMBERS OF THE EMPIRE (book by Dan Hanks), now there’s a catchy title if ever I heard one. Could you image the lyrics to this K-Pop song, sung in French or Korean? No? Nor can I.

But then, who ever thought a song entitled WATERLOO would ever reach the top of the charts across the planet, and go on to make one group of 4 Swedes an international phenomenon!

So where does that leave me?

Probably paddling up a waterfall, in mid-winter, without a chance of ever reaching the top.

But fear not, I’m sat here wracking my last brain cell fuelled on an 11-strength Nespresso capsule and thinking I just might have ten titles that could work. Behold, a miracle:

  1. TATIANA by Martin Cruz Smith — a modern Russian folk ballad
  2. STAR OF THE NORTH by D. B. John — a North Korean Christmas lullaby
  3. SAVING FAITH by David Baldacci — a country & western ballad
  4. THE LONG WAY HOME by Louise Penny — a 60s Quebecois folk song
  5. HARD TIMES by Sara Paretsky — a 50s cowboy love song
  6. FOUR BLIND MICE by James Patterson — a children’s nursery rhyme
  7. FOOLPROOF by Barbara D’Amato — a Motown dance number
  8. THE CUBAN AFFAIR by Nelson deMille — a 50s latino salsa hit
  9. THE BOTTOMS by Joe R. Lansdale — a 1920s flapper hit
  10. THE BEGGAR’S OPERA by Peggy Blair — the latest from Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim Rice

So, how did I do? Did my choices give you a giggle at least? I hope so. And you, what books have you chosen? I’m sure you have all come up with some better titles than I have. Leave a comment, and your links, and let’s all enjoy!

14 comments on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Avatar

    Tatiana is a great pick!

    My post.

  2. Avatar

    Faaar Out! Right on, great choices.

  3. Avatar

    *claps for the miracle* Ya did it!

    I want Star of the North to be a K-pop song now- we must contact BTS!

    • Alex

      Ha! Ha! Only just, Jessica. I’m thinking less Nespresso next time, I was kind of jazzed trying to write this one yesterday! Oh, you know, BTS would kill that song! 😉

  4. Avatar

    I think you did a great job with this post! I can totally see your choices becoming realities.

    • Alex

      Thanks, Deanna. I have to say, it took me a while to find some that really felt like they fit with the theme.

  5. Avatar
    Suzanne @ The Bookish Libra

    The Beggar’s Opera is a great choice. I could see ALW all over that one.

  6. Avatar

    The Long Way Home could be a country song LOL Great choices Alexandra!

    • Alex

      I thought these were fun, as well as funny, Sophie. Oh and could you imagine Dolly Parton singing The Long Way Home? 😉

  7. Avatar

    Okay, your introduction for this had me cracking up! Captain Moxley and the Embers of the Empire would make for a very … interesting song! That said, you came up with some very great choices.

    • Alex

      Glad I gave you a laugh, Christopher. And thanks, I dug deep for this one. I’m sure everyone who reads romance novels had a better time of it than I did. 😉

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