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Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Resolutions

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday from Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl is our Bookish Resolutions. Which, I have to admit, is something new for me, as (a) I never normally make New Year’s resolutions, I mean, ever. And (b) bookish resolutions? Hmm … but here goes nothing. Maybe if I make a few bookish choices and, having a few goals for the year might be a good thing.

  1. READING GOALS: We are all guilty of setting these and then, usual, well, for me at least, failing! I did this a few years ago and then, for health reasons never achieved diddly squat. This year, however, while we’re still in lockdown, and endeavouring to do more than the dumpster fire that was 2020, I’m hereby declaring I will read: 50 BOOKS.
  2. TBR PILE: I already wrote a post about trying to make my way through my ever growing TBR, especially those forgotten books that keep getting put to the bottom of the pile, or worse, moved to a shelf somewhere, and forgotten completely. So, I’ve committed to read at least: 10 BOOKS.
  3. COMFORT-ZONE READS: I hereby do solemnly swear and affirm that I shall try and read at least a handful of books that fall outside my comfort zone—normally SFF and crime fiction—maybe something literary or, maybe, more contemporary, which for me, is easier to achieve. So: 5 BOOKS.
  4. READ NEW AUTHORS: This out of all my goals for the year might be the easiest, as I do love to discover new authors and, in all honesty, have several new authors on my Wish List to read this year. So, all in all, I’ll probably achieve this one. In the interest of keeping it within the realms of possibility, I’ll go for: 5 NEW AUTHORS.
  5. INTERNATIONAL READS: This one is another easy to do goal for the year, as this one can be achieved by choosing a book with either (a) an international setting, or (b) from an international author. See, we probably all read internationally without realising it. Authors from another country from the one we live in or were brought up in, or a book whose setting is elsewhere to the country we live in or were brought up in.
  6. BLOG HOPPING: Another easily achievable goal given I follow between 45-50 blogs and try every day to visit at least 2-3 or, at the very least, those who send through a notification. I would say I already visit between 25-30 blogs (and more) on a Tuesday because of TTT—all thanks to Jana for hosting this one meme that I do enjoy taking part in.
  7. MORE BOOK REVIEWS: I usually write my book reviews within at least 1-2 days after finishing a book mostly because everything is still fresh in my mind, and I don’t want to lose the momentum. So, for the most part, I have no problem writing reviews and, I think, do between 3-4 (and sometimes, more) every month. I’d like to try hit at least: 5 REVIEWS MONTHLY.
  8. NEW POSTS: As in, maybe more articles or interviews, or something more beyond the usual book reviews or, even memes. Interviews can be hard to organise, as authors are doing these with so many bloggers on a regular basis already. So what can I come up with? I have no idea, but watch out for maybe a few crime-related posts to come throughout the year. I may surprise you, hey, I may even surprise myself.
  9. MORE SHORT REVIEWS: Or, more to the point, mini-reviews. As we all know, sometimes even though we love a book we can find it hard to put everything into words, so maybe a more succinct review is called for, or we DNFed yet another book, but instead of writing a scathing review, I might  write a brief (short) review/post on why I didn’t finish the book.
  10. NEGATIVE REVIEWS: This one is HUGE online, and I see it every week being discussed on twitter by various bloggers. Some saying there’s no place for a negative review, while others feel we need to write more. The problem here is calling any review “negative.” I am making a promise to myself to start including more reviews of books that I personally felt didn’t hit all the right notes, and just why! Not so much a negative review, more and honest (and, I hope) well balanced review.

And there you have it … ten goals to make for a more varied and interesting reading/blogging year, that will (hopefully) keep me motivated and on track for that 50-book (or more) total come the end of 2021, which, quite frankly, looks like it’s going to be as long as 2020 was.

So, dear reader, here’s to our books, reading more, and blogging more. And you, what goals (if any) have you set for the year?

30 comments on “Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Resolutions

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    There is definitely a need for more well balanced and honest reviews. Good for you.

    My post.

  2. Avatar

    These are all great goals. I agree, shorter reviews can be really helpful at times, and I don’t consider it negative when someone explains what worked or didn’t about a book!

    • Alex

      I plan on doing more shorter reviews, when called for, adding less stress to doing a review seems the right way to go, rather than not doing a review at all. Sad to say, I see it time and again on Twitter, people telling us not to write what they deem a negative review. Like who made them the review-police? 😛

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    Your goals sound fabulous! Reading outside my comfort zone was a goal I had last year, and it turned up some really wonderful, surprising reads, and I hope it does the same for you! It’s definitely something I hope to continue this year.

    Blog hopping is a big goal for me this year! It’s gonna be a busy year for me, but I sort of slacked at the end of 2020 and really need to get back on it. I miss seeing all the blogs. xD Good luck with all your goals!

    Here’s my TTT post.

    • Alex

      I’ve done this in years past, and yes, come across some really excellent reads and authors because of it. So really want to continue adding a little more, here and there, to expand my reading experiences this year. We’ll have to swap notes on what we find. 😀

      Yeah, I found I’ve met more bloggers by doing TTT and a couple of other memes, so plan on doing a couple of days a week blog hopping. I know how hard it is for some working all day and with kids on top. But it’s the one way to find good books as well as meet more bloggers. So I’m trying harder.

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    I think that there’s nothing wrong with negative reviews, but of course, I’ve done a few of them myself, so it’d be hypocritical of me to say otherwise. Opinions are valid as long as we recognize them as opinions and back them up with thoughtful reason, no knee-jerk reactions or (even worse) rating something poorly because we have personal issues with the subject or the author.

    Good luck with all your goals! I’m in the same boat for a lot of those things, hopefully we can follow through!

    • Alex

      That’s what I keep trying to stress over on Twitter, our reviews are our own opinion. And, I would say, most of us are trying to be respectful and point out the good, the bad, and the ugly, but in a purposeful and polite way. And yes, I agree, it’s quite another matter to pick a fight (or tag) an author with the view to being nasty for the sake of trying to look superior. These people make me sick.

      They’re achievable goals, so here’s hoping I can do most and then some. And looking forward to following along with everyone else’s too.

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    These are all great goals! I definitely agree that we need to see more honest reviews. There’s no need to completely bash a book, but telling readers why you didn’t enjoy a book shouldn’t be seen as “negative”.

    • Alex

      I am so glad to see we are all saying the same thing about more honest reviews and, for the most part, to be honest, I think we all do our best to be honest about the books we read. And not every book we read is going to be our cup of tea.

  6. Avatar

    Great goals! I also try to read outside my comfort zone once in a while for variation, but I do need to remind myself about it sometimes. Looking forward to your crime related content!

    • Alex

      It’s a great way to break up our reading patterns, find new books and authors, and also, maintain a perspective on the genres we do love to read. Sometimes it can all feel stale with too many similar plots.

      And definitely more crime content on the way!

  7. Avatar

    I will write mine in 2 minutes but you’ll see that we share some goals Alexandra! Good luck 😉

  8. Avatar

    Some great bookish goals for 2021. I can’t more time in my day to read books, I just read in the moments in between and choose audiobooks when I can. I do however feel the need to read more blogs. I found that the VoiceAloud app is helping me a lot as it reads the blogs to me while I push a swing, or sort laundry!

    • Alex

      I hear so many choosing audio these days over reading as yes, I’m quite sure it makes it easier when doing household chores or the like, to fit in time to ‘read’. And why not, we’re all so busy and I know you have kids, Kat, so it makes good sense.

  9. Avatar

    These are really well thought out, Alexandra Kudos!

    • Alex

      Thanks, Jo. They’re mostly what I started doing mid way through last year when I resurrected the blog here. It seems like a good idea to carry on and add a few new ones to help keep me focused more on reading and less on fretting about things we have no control over. Right? Thank god for books.

  10. Avatar

    These are great blogging and reading resolutions! You seem like an expert, not someone who never makes resolutions! 😉 I’m inspired by all the great resolutions I’m reading, but if I can keep my blog limping along for another year and get back to posting book reviews at all (positive OR negative!) I’ll be happy!

    • Alex

      OH, definitely not an expert, but I have learnt this last six months what works, and also, picked up ideas from others along the way. And keeping them all within a range that I think I can do, makes it more fun and less of a challenge. I don’t think this is a year to challenge anything to strenuously, right?

  11. Avatar

    I like your definition of “negative reviews.” I think they have value, especially if there are problematic things in them. Not everyone likes every book, and I’ve picked up and enjoyed books that other bloggers didn’t like. Good luck with your goals!

    • Alex

      Thanks, Tammy, I think this is the view many seem to have come to as well. That it’s not about gushing over every book, but trying to let readers know what worked and what didn’t. Sure, we all have our favourite books and authors, but we all like different things. I think it’s more helpful to review the good and the not so good, so others can be prepared for what to expect, and make better informed decisions.

      I know I’m tired of buying books that, in the end, I DNF because of one thing or another. So I want to help others cut down on this happening.

  12. Avatar

    Great goals for the year! For me mini-reviews are a good way to actally write something on my blog about every book I read. And I totally agree about “negative” reviews. I always try to be honest about a book, even if I didn’t like it.

    • Alex

      Yeah, I saw a few reviewers doing mini reviews last year and thought it was a great idea to steal and use. I think we might review more of the books we read if we knew we could just do the salient points instead of a full on critical analysis. Some days a book just works and we just want to say here, here’s why.

  13. Avatar

    Well I can say I only read international author, ha! Maybe I should do the opposite and give a national author a go. I like the author goals you set, they seem achievable! I have no real goals different from last year (which were achieve Goodreads goal, read more books I own, cut back on blog tours to reduce reading stress). I did achieve those goals so I guess I’ll keep them for this year ☺️

    • Alex

      Ha! Ha! Yes, my dear friend, you, like so many your side of the pond (and like me know I’m in Canada) read more internationally just because of where a lot of the books comes from. Maybe I should be trying to read more Canadian authors, like you, with Belgium ones.

      Now, wouldn’t that be interesting.

      I think it’s important not to over stretch ourselves to do too much, it’s all very well thinking big, but it will also make us feel like failures. And right now, we need more positive moments in our lives, not negative. Do what works for you, Sweetie!

  14. Avatar

    Your goals sound great and we actually have quite a few in common 🙂 I also want to read 50 books this year, write more reviews, step out of my comfort zone, read new authors and blog hop more. Good luck with all of these!

    • Alex

      Indeed, I saw we had almost identical goals, but then, we all want the time to read more, attack our TBR piles and read a few more books from other genres and authors.

      And here’s to blog hopping more. I’m happy to have discovered so many great book bloggers these last few months. 😀

  15. Avatar

    I can never bring myself to write a negative review, if only because life is too short to finish a bad book.

    And you shouldn’t write a review about a book you haven’t finished…

    • Alex

      Indeed, no one wants to write a review for a book they didn’t finish or was that bad we wanted to throw it across the room. And believe me, I’ve had a few of those. But it does help to write a review about books that were so-so or, despite the odd hiccup of say, pacing or a dull character, we still enjoyed because in mentioning it, it alerts other readers to something that might be a pet peeve of theirs but that we were willing to over look.

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