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Top Ten Tuesday: Colourful Book Covers

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday choice of topic from Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl is Colourful Book Covers, and who doesn’t love a colourful cover? It’s those bright, eye-catching covers that get our attention skimming bookshelves at our favourite bookshop, so they play an important roll in part, in sales.

So what have I got for you? Ah … from my own book shelves, here are go colourfully covered books that grabbed my attention (whether or not they were, in fact, good reads is a question  for another day).

Lots of bold, bright, eye-catching colours! A veritable rainbow. And what bright coloured covers caught your eyes for today’s challenge?

8 comments on “Top Ten Tuesday: Colourful Book Covers

  1. Avatar

    The Lost Apothecary is just gorgeous!

  2. Avatar

    I love Louise Penny and that cover is gorgeous!

    Happy TTT!


  3. Avatar

    I’m also team The Lost Apothecary! I’d read it based on that cover ❤️

    • Alex

      Yeah, the cover is definitely a draw, and once you start reading, it’s really absorbing. Especially the historical timeline, which I loved. A little less so for the contemporary setting, but still, a really enjoyable read.

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