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Top Ten Tuesday: Mardi Gras in Books

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday, from Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl, is focused on Mardi Gras and, specifically, colourful book covers representing the colourful pageant. And what better way to cheer us all up than to post a lot of colourful book covers. So, dear reader, here’s my rainbow for Mardi Gras!

Red is the colour of life.

Orange is the colour of strength.

Yellow is the colour of hope.

Green is the colour of peace and contentment.

Blue is the colour of calm resourcefulness.

Purple is the colour of wisdom and independence.

And you, what colourful covers convey and symbolise the excitement of mardi gras for you?

14 comments on “Top Ten Tuesday: Mardi Gras in Books

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    Well, now I have to read Freedom Is Space from the Spirit. 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation.

    My post: https://lydiaschoch.com/top-ten-tuesday-books-about-mardi-gras/

  2. Avatar

    Lovely! What a great display of colorful books!

    • Alex

      Indeed, nothing like enjoying the colours! Oh, and I miss the colour and the fun, the noise, and the music … and definitely the food of Mardi Gras!

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    I love that you did covers for the rainbow, they all look so gorgeous together! And so many good books, plus I spy Red Winter, which is my all-time favorite 🙂

    • Alex

      Well, for me, Mardi Gras is not just 1 -2 colours, but a rainbow. So I just dug around till I came up with a ton of lovely colours and books. And funny how that book cover is in purple!! Ha! Ha!

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    I So LOVE what you did with all these covers! And several are favorite of mine Alexandra!

    • Alex

      I think most of the best and colourful covers are always fantasy or YA books, I don’t know why. But they get some great colours, and this is like a trip into the best of with these covers!

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    That cover of Vicious is my favorite. Great picks!

    Lauren @ Always Me

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