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Top Ten Tuesday: Places in Books I’d like to Live

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday from Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl, is Places in Books I’d Like to Live. Which is great if you love fantasy reads as there are always a ton of great places in many a magical realm that appear the idyllic place to go live … if you don’t mind Dwarves, Dragons, mad Mages and Wizards with a grievance, and can survive the Goblin hordes, or the unending wars. Sure, wonderful places to  live.

On the other hand, Crime Fiction doesn’t offer up many wonderful places to live either. Most are contemporary locales, and given the amount of murder going on, would you want to live in some of these places? No, thought not. But serial killers and mass murderers aside, orcs, goblins and fire-breathing dragons be damned, here are a few ideas of places that might appeal.

  • NARNIA — I mean, come on, this could be an amazing place to live, if it was okay for the four Pevensie kids it’s good enough for me. And who doesn’t want to hang out with animals who can talk, right?
  • OZ — Okay, maybe Oz might be a little on the scary side with all those witches, and crazy flying monkeys, but what about he Munkins? They seem friendly enough, and the Emerald City could be nice, right?
  • WONDERLAND — If you love the talking animal idea, then again, Wonderland could be fun, and there’s always something strange going on, and who wouldn’t want to enjoy endless afternoons at the Mad Hatters Tea Party? I always wanted to meet the Dormouse, after all is said and done. Just not the Queen of Hearts. I kind of like my head being attached to my shoulders.
  • NEVERLAND — As a woman, I’m not sure, in fact, I’d want to live in Neverland a place seemingly dominated by childish young boys, or evil one-armed Captains, and ticking crocs. But the land itself? Sounds fantastical, and maybe Tinker Bell would be a fun friend … then again maybe not.
  • ASGARD — The land of Norse Gods and Loki, as depicted in the Marvel Universe, well, maybe with all that fantastic architecture, I’d be content to make music, poetry and art, but think Loki and his lot would probably be constantly disrupting everything all the time. But maybe I could move in with Thor, now that I could live with.
  • TATOONIE — Or another of the Star Wars planets could be interesting, I mean, living in the far flung future has to be a distinct possibility, rather than some fantasy land dependent on magic and learning a great deal of lore or having the right wand. And then, come on, robots, spaceships, lightsabers … who doesn’t want a lightsaber, right?
  • MIDDLE EARTH — Eh, like Narnia and the rest, this sounds like an idyllic place to go live, if it were in the Shires maybe, with Hobbits or even in one of the Elven cities like Rivendell, but I’m not sure about Saruman or Sauron to be honest, these guys scare the bejeezus out of me, never mind the Orc hordes and the rest of the crazies.
  • LILLIPUT — Although being the only GIANT amongst all those little people could get boring really quickly as well as the fact how would you ever get enough to eat, right? And then, throw in the fact they were always at war with one another, I imagine wanting to eh, accidentally stand on one or two … Oh, Alex, shame on you!
  • HOGWARTS — Of course this is going to be the most popular place for any of us to want to live, in a land of magic, muggles, and the ministry… minus maybe Voldermort, Slytherin and Draco. Now, where did I leave my wand?
  • THE HUNDRED ACRE WOOD — Ah, now we’re talking living in a beautiful forested wood with nothing more threatening than a bunch of stuffed talking toys, a young boy who just wants to jump in puddles and play, a bear who loves to eat lots of honey, and his friends eternally enjoying a simple life. Definitely the life for me … and honey, definitely plenty of honey, please.

And you, what lands would you love to live in, if any?

16 comments on “Top Ten Tuesday: Places in Books I’d like to Live

  1. Avatar

    Your choices are so perfectly you and creative, Alexandra

    • Alex

      Ha! Ha! Thank you, I can see myself living in any one of these places … ah, if only, right?

  2. Avatar

    Narnia and Middle Earth both made my list this week, though I didn’t think of the 100 Acre woods! What a lovely place that would be to live, especially if my home was as cozy and comfortable as Kanga’s or Rabbits’s!

    • Alex

      Yes, I saw we had chosen a couple of similar places, and yes, who wouldn’t want to hide away with a million books in the 100 acre wood. 😉

  3. Avatar

    Great list! I should have thought about the Hundred Acre Wood, that would be really cool to live in.

    • Alex

      I think this is going to be the popular choice that everyone forgot about. Ha! Ha! All us book nerds could happily live here, right? 😀

  4. Avatar

    I could definitely live in Middle Earth, as long as it was in the Shire or Rivendell 🙂 But you’re so right, the Hundred Acre Wood is probably the safest and sounds like the perfect place!

    • Alex

      There are so many wonderful sounding places in fantasy we would like to live, but the reality of these places are, they’re dangerous for our health. Even Hogwarts isn’t all that safe, you know, Voldermort. So yes, I think we’d all love a wood to hang out in.

  5. Avatar

    Ha ha. I said the same thing in my post – I read too many murder mysteries not to know that NO place is as ideal as it seems 🙂 You’d think small towns would be safe, but have you ever read a cozy? Yikes! I *think* I’d prefer a fantasy world, but those are almost more scary. Even still, I’d definitely be game for living at Hogwarts, Narnia, and Middle Earth.

    Happy TTT!


    • Alex

      Oh, indeed, that quaint village is just as dangerous as Middle Earth is, right? Just look at Miss Marple living in St. Mary Mead, I think we take our chances where ever we decide to set up house. Far more exciting to live in a fantasy world. I’ll see you at Hogwarts, or in Narnia. 😀

  6. Avatar

    Oooh Asgard is a good one! Now Alex, I wanted to comment on your other site about loving Bridgerton and Enola Holmes but I could not enter my email etc!

    • Alex

      Yeah, I like the idea of living there too, Sophie. Oh, and sorry to hear that you couldn’t leave a comment on the Wry Writer website. I better go check why that is. Thanks for letting me know.

  7. Avatar

    Rivendell or the Shire would be delightful to visit. 🙂

    • Alex

      Rivendell especially, given how beautiful I imagine it to be, but I’m sure the Shire would be a happy place to live.

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