Joining Fleet


Looking for a life of duty & service, a change of direction, or hoping to secure your Citizenship through military service? Then Fleet is the answer. Make no mistake, Fleet does not take just anyone, we have high standards and strict codes of conduct. Not everyone is cut out for military service so make sure you are armed with the right information to make an informed decision:

» What are Fleet’s Vocational Aptitude Tests?
These tests determine what rank, position and posting you might receive.

» When will I get my orders and first posting?
As soon as your application to join Fleet has been processed and accepted, you will be assigned a rank, position and posting.

» What documents do I need to start the recruitment process?
A valid name, email address and willingness to join a family of highly trained professionals.

» How long are the tours of service?
Tours of service vary. They can be from 6 months to 6 years full-service depending on a variety of factors.

» How long must I sign on for in order to qualify for Citizenship?
A minimum of 1 years service.

» What does gaining Citizenship grant me?
Fleet personnel granted Full Citizenship can be promoted to Fleet Command Status and Rank.

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It is important to know what it is you are committing to. Please consider carefully the Branch/Unit you would like to be assigned to, and then complete the initial sign-up form. If any additional information is required by Fleet Administration, they will contact you directly.