Your branch determines the type of role you will have within Fleet. Select one or more branch but be warned, you may only get your second or third choice if the current intake for you first choice is no longer available.

» Operations

i. Tactical
ii. Battlespace Ops
iii. Weapons R&D
iv. Electronic Warfare

» Communications

i. IT Sys Ops
ii. Support Tech
iii. Comms. Logistics
iv. Signals Tech
v. Electronics Tech
vi. Electrician

» Engineering

i. Propulsion
ii. Ship Maintenance
iii. Space Docks
iv. General Fitter
v. Infrastructure Engineer
vi. Weapons Systems Engineer
vii. General Mechanics
viii. Metalsmith

» Weapons

i. Armorer
ii. General Weapons Specialist
iii. Ordnance Disposal Tech
iv. Electronic Warfare
v. Gunner
vi. Munitions Tech

» Intelligence

i. Security Analyst
ii. Covert ops
iii. Espionage
iv. Surveillance

» Space Marines

i. General deployment
ii. Biohazard
iii. Cutter Program (Rapid Reactionary Force)
iv. Special Forces
v. Battlespace Specialist

» Justice

i. Judges
ii. Criminal Investigators
iii. Path Labs (usually staffed by Medical)
iv. Military Police

» Personnel

i. General Administration
ii. Logistics & Combat Support
iii. Chaplin
iv. Cook
v. Supply Specialist
vi. Linguistics

» Medical

i. Doctor
ii. Nurse
iii. Pharmacy Tech
iv. Battlespace Med Specialist
v. BioMed Specialist
vi. Dental