Command Structure

The Fleet Commander (and Deputy Chief of Staff) responsible for the day to day running of the Fleet, is Vice Admiral Patrice Bedard. Admiral Jerry Cairns has full command of all deployable Fleet units, including the Marines. His responsibilities include preparation of all aspects of The Fleet for any and all actions.

Fleet HQ, Earth, has three major roles:

  • The generation of Fleet forces to match the operational requirement. Forces generated have to be manned, equipped and trained to the appropriate readiness states.
  • Management of the resources provided to the Fleet and the monitoring of resources and assets thus employed to ensure operational effectiveness and value for money.
  • The Commander-in-Chief Fleet manages space operations by delegating operational command and control to the Commander Operations (located aboard Daedalus Station). Commander Operations has the majority of Fleet units under his command.

Fleet Battle Staff

Based in two locations (Fleet Command Daedalus Stn and Fleet HQ, Earth) the Fleet Battle Staff is the operational planning departments, capable of planning exercises and operations for the Fleet and marine task groups across the globe. The actual conduct of naval operations is generally the responsibility of the Joint Forces Command.

Battlespace Warfare Centre

The Battlespace Warfare Centre provides the repository and focal point for Operational Knowledge Exploitation. This is the ability to observe and process every aspect of operational experience to learn lessons from previous operations and enhance fighting power.

Flag Officer Space Training (HQ FOST)

Is the officer responsible for training on all Fleet and Fleet Auxiliary ships.

Deputy Commander in Chief Fleet

Is the deputy for the Commander and is a member of the Space Fleet Board Committee. The Deputy Commander directs the staff work of Fleet Headquarters.

Commander (Operations)

Is the officer who directs all space and operational forces and associated operations under the command of the CINCFLEET.

Chief of Staff (Warfare)

This officer and his staff are responsible for delivering the operational capability to match the perceived short and longer term requirement.

Chief of Staff (Support)

Is responsible for sustaining the Fleet and ensuring that the required vessels and units are available for operations. His responsibilities include personnel administration, the Battle Space Warfare Centre, communications systems, engineering and some aspects of the Fleet support.