Join the intelligence experts
and shape battle plans with a career in military intelligence.

Intelligence members collect information from within and outside of the Battle Space, and evaluate, analyse, integrate and interpret this information to provide intelligence for those who need it. The Intelligence Branch is located in Fleet HQ aboard the Daedalus space station.

Intelligence Officers

You will lead a Section of 8 to 12 sharp and highly experienced soldiers in the gathering, assessment, and interpretation of vital information. You will be at the centre of the military activities—assessing a battle situation, identifying the threats and opportunities within a military scenario and briefing senior officers—and it will be your job to decide what information is important and what intelligence is vital. Whether it is through interacting with people to obtain that information directly, or working on counter-intelligence operations to thwart the enemy, the military intelligence you provide will be vital to the success of the Fleet.

The Job

All officer jobs will call on your ability to lead and motivate the soldiers under your command, and you will need the maturity and sense of responsibility necessary for a role in which soldiers wellbeing can depend on the outcome of your decisions. As part of a larger formation, an ability to take orders is essential, but you must also be able to act on your own initiative if the situation calls for it.

Military Intelligence Operator

As an Operator you will be employed in vital real-time operations, countering threats to national security and projecting government policy abroad. The employment covers a full range of skills in Operational Intelligence (OPINT) and Counter Intelligence (CI). Deployed in small units or detachments as an OPMI, you will work alongside other Arms, Services and Government departments. Liaison and formal meetings are frequently undertaken with people from a wide range of backgrounds, therefore good inter-personal skills are vital.

The Job

From a very early point in your career you will be given the opportunity to apply for employment in a specialist trade. These specialist fields include Human Intelligence (HUMINT, the acquisition of intelligence from human sources), Imagery Intelligence (IMINT, the interpretation and analysis of imagery from a variety of sources) and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT, interception and analysis of various communications).

Other specialist roles include IT security, counter sabotage duties, embassy postings, surveillance and employment within the Special Forces domain. All these specialist jobs are dependant upon aptitude and vacancy availability within a full career. It is not uncommon, however, that once an individual has specialised they will voluntarily complete more than one posting in a particular discipline.