Job Vacancies

  • Military Intelligence Analyst: The analysts shall have an understanding of Counterintelligence Investigations and Operations and have experience writing original analytical products. JOB#6042
  • Traffic Control Officer: A vacancy has arisen in Flight Traffic Control at Daedalus Station, coordinating traffic at the Orbital Dockyards. The applicant must be already familiar with Traffic Control Operations, and show an aptitude to work efficiently under pressure within a team environment. Salary is consummate with rank and abilities. JOB#6043
  • Covert Operative(s): Fleet Intelligence is looking for operatives with the right standing and background, to undertake HUMIT operations in New Shanghai, Mars. Only candidates with the right calibre of training will be considered. Candidates must have no immediate family ties. JOB#6044
  • Weapons Technician: As a Weapons Technician you will be in charge of maintaining and managing weapons and explosives, making sure they’re ready at a moments notice. These include torpedoes, smart weapons, missiles, ammunition and personnel weapons. JOB#6045
  • Space Systems Operator: As a Fleet Space Systems Operator you’ll manage some of the world’s most sophisticated sensors, communications, and computer information systems to search for potential threats. JOB#6046
To apply for any of these positions, or to make further enquiries about a current application under consideration, please use the contact form provided.