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You Have BookMail!

I know we all love book mail, there’s nothing like waiting weeks for a book, and then, it arrives and we get all giddy ripping open the package. Well, okay, maybe not ‘giddy’ but you know what I mean. So I got two of the three books I ordered with LOST HILLS by Lee Goldberg, a mystery thriller, supposed to be arriving today. This at least should be a quick read, it wasn’t till after I ordered it that I found out it’s only 128 pages long. Sigh, fingers crossed, it still manages to pack a punch in such a short length.

My copy of THE SURVIVORS by Jane Harper finally arrived it only took two weeks to get here. Given it was released on Feb 2 and I had it on pre-ordered, why did it take so long? Who knows. I might not bother preordering again from Chapters Indigo given this is the fourth book they’ve taken their merry time delivering.

The third book, A GAME FOR ALL THE FAMILY by Sophie Hannah, is a psychological-thriller with gothic overtones, or so I’m told. I was looking for her latest but it isn’t out here, yet, so settled on this one to get a taste of her writing style. She’s another new author for me, so I’m hopeful I’m going to like her as this one sounds like it has all the right ingredients for a good chilling read.

Thing is, I started to read The Survivors last night, all excited to get stuck in to a new Jane Harper and, well, got about 30+ pages in, and was bored. Yes, I know, how can I get bored reading a Jane Harper? I set the book aside and will start again later this afternoon. Maybe I was too tired last night, or not in the right mood or, this one is not going to be a stellar read. I will just wait and see if this one is just a slow starter.

And you, tell me about your up coming reads.

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    Oh I hope A Game for All The Family is as great as it looks! I read two of her books so far. I didn’t think I’d give her another chance after reading the first one (it was repetitive, boring etc) but then I received a free copy of Haven’t They Grown and loved the plot and writing. I’m very interested to see which category it is for you!

    • Alex

      Oh, that’s interesting to know. I saw her name pop up on a few different blogs, so wanted to try her out and see if she writes my kind of read. Will, of course, let you know as soon as I’ve had a chance to read this one. It did look intriguing. 😀

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    Same for Jane Harper! I really feel this was either the wrong time to read or it’s just not as good as the previous ones. The last would be a shame. 🙁

    As for bookmail being so late these months. For me it’s because of Brexit. We import our English books from Britain and it’s really messed up at the moment. I’m already waiting TWO MONTHS for a book to be delivered. This sadly also keeps me from ordering more… if it all takes this long. Hope your next bookmail will arrive sooner!

    • Alex

      I stopped, and will go back to it another day and see if it was just me, that evening. I hope it gets better. Especially as her last book, The Lost Man was so good.

      Oh, so you know what it’s like too then. I never had this problem when I ordered books through Amazon. They usually came within a week. So it’s annoying that this company, which has its HQ in the next city over, cannot deliver books in a timely manner. Though, it is true, it’s probably the postal service here, in Canada, that’s at fault.

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    It’s been a while since I read paperbacks/ hardcovers — have mostly been reading ebooks for the past 5 years now. But your post made me want to pick up the old fashioned way again. Hope this reading lot quickly improves for you!

    • Alex

      I love my trade paperbacks, I really am no good with ebooks, at all! Books for me, but it is, I know, an expensive hobby, but it’s the only one I have.

      Yeah, I’m loving A GAME FOR ALL THE FAMILY, it’s deviously twisted, and very cleverly done.

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