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A Sunday Tuesday

Or, to put it in context, as my partner is on holiday this week, and we went out walking on Sunday, we did our usual Sunday morning chores today. Hence, the Sunday on a Tuesday. And while it’s a beautiful day out there, and just a few degrees cooler than Sunday, it’s still as hot as hell.

So while the other half studies in our tiny office (baking) I’m sat here sorting photos and wondering which one to share with you today … well, it’s got to be a flower or something fun, right?

And what are you all up to today, watching Wimbledon or football? Ha, probably reading, I bet!


  1. It’s been on the news here the last two days how hot it is where you live.. I can’t even imagine how that must feel.. if you don’t have a pool or airco it must be hell. I worked today and then I watched my guilty pleasure on tv (Married at First Sight, Australia, Season 6.. there’s a lot of drama!). I hope to read a little before going to sleep 😁 I hope you have a great rest of the week Alex, and thank you for the lovely flower!

    • Yeah, it’s been as hot as hell across the country, the West coast got hit hard with 46c or 114F. Here it’s been 35-37c and unpleasantly humid. Today we had drizzle all morning, but still, the humidity is high.

      Oh, I musy check that show out, always love a good recommendation. I fell in love with Emily in Paris because of you and Sophie talking about it. 😀

      • Let’s hope the temperature doesn’t stay this high… you can always come here, it’s barely 20°, I hope it gets a bit warmer and sunnier soon.
        Oww I’m happy to hear you enjoyed Emily in Paris! There’s going to be a second season btw but I don’t know when!

        • It’s cooled off considerably, Inge, thankfully. And instead, we’re getting plenty of much needed rain. And 20 is better than nothing and better than 35-40!! Ha! Ha!

          We both laughed and loved Emily in Paris, it is really a fun series and I’m so happy to hear we’re going to get a second season too. I can’t wait to see what mayhem she gets up to next! 😉

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